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Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino Companies
Aug 1, 2017

Why I am, who I am.

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The beginning.... Twenty three years ago, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left me with 12 of 16 nerves in my brain stem and I was brain dead for 5 days as well. I am 100% of a statistic that has a mortality rate of 99.9%.

While my journey is amazing... Its my truth that has allowed me to become the best me that i could be. Ironic that this was my thought 20 years ago, and now I'm here.

My journey has shown me how to get the absolute best it of people using the perception of unconditional ove as my tool.

Aug 4, 2017

I would love to hear more about all you have been through! Hope you share more and thank you for sharing this with us. This forum is new and I appreciate your being here.

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  • Everyone is afraid of something. Our fears are born from many different experiences and life events. Our fears aren’t bad for us, and they are usually there for a reason. If we weren’t scared of heights, we’d have a lot more deaths by falling and if we weren’t scared of wild animals, we’d not be nearly as careful when approaching them, once again causing casualties. However, not all fears are helpful, and if you have a phobia – an irrational fear – it could be hindering you in life and stopping you from living your life freely and to the fullest. But what can you do to minimize, or even completely get over your trauma? Unpack that fear Let’s firstly say that getting over a fear is not a quick nor easy process, and you’ll probably need some professional help from a therapist who can guide you through it. And the first thing you need to do is to unpack that fear and get to the root of it . If you’re scared of heights, is it because you fell from a great height and got hurt when you were younger, or you witnessed someone fall? If you’re scared of dogs, were you bitten as a kid, or was there a very aggressive dog in your neighbourhood? It doesn’t even have to be something you’ve experienced, but a story you’ve heard that stuck with you and consumed you so much that your fear grew to where it is. Unpacking that and realizing the root of the fear will help you rationalize it, which is the first step to healing. Learn more about it The more you know about something, the less you’ll be scared of it. This is the root in a lot of fear tactics – misinformation. If you’re scared of spiders, you probably run away from even the picture of them. But if you start to learn more about them, you will learn that they are not as scary as you might think of them. If you’re scared of death and dying, looking into the process of it and reading up on options like flexible bare cremation and other details surrounding death. If you know a lot about the things that you are scared of, it becomes normalized and in ways closer to you, making you less scared. Exposure therapy This is a very controversial issue , and that’s exactly why it’s important to mention. Exposure therapy is literally pushing you into the thing you are afraid of and hoping that the exposure to it will trigger your survival instincts and you will overcome your fear on sheer adrenaline, an experience you can look back to the next time you’re scared. However, exposure therapy can backfire, causing the person to be even more afraid and pushing them further back from even trying to work on overcoming the fear. Push through it with support One of the final stages of overcoming fear is accepting it and pushing through it. You can’t do this at the start of the journey and you can’t do it alone. You need to accept that you will be scared of it and rationalize the entire situation. And then, when you are ready to commit, try to go through your fear, with the help of someone who knows about your situation. If you are going through the process, it will probably happen spontaneously. You’ll see a spider in the corner of the room, and instead of screaming for someone to come and take it out, you’ll take a few deep breaths, call someone to help and perhaps just be next to them while they take it out, instead of hiding in the farthest corner of the room. Overcoming fears is a process and you should never let it overtake your entire life, but you should continue to work on it – and yourself – as you go through life.
  • If you have ever done any kind of charity event or taken part in donating for a cause, you must have felt immense satisfaction and gratitude that comes from the fact that someone in need benefited from your help. Regardless of the cause you choose, whether it’s environmental protection, engendered or abandoned animals, people living in poverty or a local community issue, the help you provide has a deep impact and the following points reflect on the most prominent ones. It’s immensely rewarding Scientific studies have proven that charitable actions and donations create a reaction in the brain similar to those activated by drugs and alcohol. The surge of endorphins causes you to feel great pleasure and personal satisfaction that will go beyond that one act of giving. Most people will also feel satisfied and fulfilled in other aspects of their lives as well and it’s mostly due to the fact that their actions helped improve someone else’s life. It helps your local community Having a tightly knit community of generous people forms a great local safety net that provides essential assistance in the times of crises and emergencies. Local community organisations are the ones that respond much faster and more appropriately to the local needs than larger organisations can and in order to do this, they need funds. These usually come from private donations so local giving is what supports its causes and enhances the well-being of the community. It’s impactful and encouraging A big concern for most people is the thought that charitable donations could be reduced by tax or administrative costs which means that the people or causes you want to help won’t receive the full amount. Luckily, there are ways you can ensure your entire donation reaches its recipient – you can donate straight from your salary before tax deduction through a payroll giving scheme , by donating shares to charities, leaving a charitable legacy in your will or if there's a government-approved income tax relief. If you don’t have ways to help financially, you can also make a great impact by participating in various charitable events where you can donate your time by joining a cause such as a charity walk in Sydney that takes its participants on route journey along the most beautiful and iconic coastal trails in the country and around the world with the aim of raising funds for mental health. It’s an epic adventure of fundraising, fun and friendship that will leave you feeling happy and fulfilled. It teaches younger generations the importance of generosity Children are naturally generous and kind but you can nurture that innate generosity even more by sharing the experience of donating with them. That is how you teach them from a young age that they can make a difference and positive change in the world so they will grow up appreciating what they have and will continue to support good causes in the future. It offers financial benefits Strong budgeting skills are necessary to make your finances work for you and your family and by making charitable donations, you can save money long-term. By setting aside a certain amount for a charity, you’ll have an opportunity to re-evaluate your budget and save for things you want for yourself. Also, it may happen that at some point in future you’ll need help too so some organisations you support offer unique benefits such as compassionate loan programmes that help back their donors when rainy days come. Finally, charitable donations will also cut down your taxes sometimes even up to 50% of your annual income but this is something you need to look into as it greatly differs from country to country. It’s a part of human nature to help those in need and whether you start small by donating clothes, toys and furniture or you’re able to provide large financial aid to support a cause, whatever you can give will make an impact in someone else’s life and leave you feeling happy and fulfilled.
  • Being a parent is probably the single greatest responsibility that you can take on. No wonder this concept is so scary and confusing. This means that as a young parent, you’ll already be under a lot of stress. If there’s one thing that we know about stress, it’s that it can make even the simplest of tasks into something incredibly complex. In order to avoid this scenario, here are five steps for stress-free parenting. Do some research? Keep in mind that, as a parent, your assessment of the situation will always be off, mostly due to the fact that you’re so subjective. Even if this is not your first child, the same benchmarks don’t have to apply. For this very reason, you need to look up some reliable information or, better yet, ask a specialist (pediatrics) for some guidelines. This way, even if your child doesn’t start walking, talking or developing other skills by the deadlines that you think are optimal, you’ll know that there’s nothing to worry about. Quality over quantity A lot of working parents have a problem with the feeling of guilt that they’re leaving their family behind or neglecting them in pursuit of a career (or sheer existentialism). The same thing goes for divorced parents. One thing you need to understand in order to avoid this problem is the fact that how you spend time with your kids matters far more than how much time you spend with them. An hour of socializing, playing with them or helping them learn is more substantial than a whole day of being in the same room with them while they watch cartoons on TV and you browse your internet via a smartphone. Be frugal One of the biggest sources of stress and negative energy is definitely a problem in the financial department. You have no idea just how expensive it is to be a parent, especially a first-time one. There are so many unexpected expenses and you have no privilege of pre-owning essential baby equipment. Also, they grow out of all of their clothes in a matter of months, even weeks, which means that you’ll be forced to spend even more. There are two solutions to this issue and they are both quite simple and convenient. First, you can look for kids’ clothes sale online . Second, you can borrow, inherit and pass on clothes with your friends who are also parents. Get support Regardless of how grim the situation may look at the moment, remember that you’re not alone in this ordeal, you’re never alone. Avoid assuming that you have to do it all on your own and ask for help. Sometimes, your friends and family members may offer some help, which a lot of parents refuse out of a misplaced sense of pride or duty. Don’t make this mistake. At the end of the day, you’re still the one doing all the heavy lifting and the fact that someone will sit for an hour next to the crib while you take a nap or a long bathtub session will not change this. Take care of yourself The last thing you need to understand is the importance of taking care of yourself. Staying up all night is something that a parent must do, from time to time but doing so regularly can become a bit of a problem. Being sleep-deprived will make you naturally more aggravated, which means that you might get tipped over even by some things that you would otherwise be able to tolerate. Skipping a meal is also a common occurrence for parents who have an irregular schedule (which is the majority of them) but it may have dire repercussions in the long run. Just make sure to take care of yourself as much as you can. Conclusion As you can see, the most important thing for stress-free parenting is your mindset. This is the only way that you can get to enjoy this amazing adventure to the fullest and give your best to your beloved children. Both them and you deserve this.

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