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Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino Companies
Apr 23

7 Things to Delegate to Live a Less Stressful Life




When you begin to feel incredibly tense having to juggle it all at the office and at home, it may be a sign that you need to start delegating your day-to-day activities. Delegating requires an ability to let go which can be immensely difficult if you’re unaccustomed to it.

The good news is that anyone can delegate, and the benefit of such practise range from having more time to build your business to reducing stress. If you’re keen on relieving some of life’s tension, here are seven things worth delegating in order to be able to better enjoy your life.

1. Bookkeeping


Everyone’s experienced the stress when the tax season rolls around and we’re armed with a calculator preparing to calculate our taxes.

Tax compliance is a serious affair and failure to correctly file one’s taxes can have serious legal ramifications. However, this can be avoided by delegating it to an accountant.

Having an accountant onboard can greatly reduce your stress level outside of tax season. Accounting professionals maintain your overall financial portfolio thus you can delegate errands such as sending invoices and keeping track of all financial information.

Better yet, a solid bookkeeping record can improve your chances of obtaining formal financing when you need it later down the line.

2. Routine Tasks

When it comes to routine tasks, these activities are time-consuming and can easily pile up, yet many don’t turn to the assistance of part-time labour to alleviate the workload.

Routine tasks such as doing laundry or household cleaning, can be delegated to anyone who’s willing to do them. Today’s modern times have even allowed us to appoint someone to do our grocery shopping through a tap on a smartphone.

No matter if it’s contacting your neighbour or using an app, delegating routine work is very possible.

3. Tasks That You Dislike


Clerical duties such as scheduling meetings and making travel plans aren’t for everyone. One person’s dislike is another person’s preference and thanks to the internet, you have a global database of freelancers.

If there are tasks you’re not particularly passionate about, you can delegate them to virtual assistants or university students who are freelancing a bit.

In doing so, you’ll have ample to invest your energy on an activity that you are actually interested in.

4. Social Media Marketing

In an increasingly tech-savvy society, self-marketing has become a full time job; that job often being referred to as personal branding. Although plenty of people have access to smartphones, not everyone has enough time to create catchy social media posts. Furthermore, while platforms such as Tailwind help you schedule your social media posts, it can take up a good amount of time if it’s done daily.

The upside is that there are many social media marketers out there whom you can delegate your branding efforts to. Digital-media-related jobs are booming and with new occupations like influencers popping up, you’ll never be short of part-time assistance to hire.

5. Maintenance and Repairs


Not everything broken can be a quick fix hence why delegating such duties can relieve you of some stress.

Similarly, maintenance work is difficult, and it can trigger anxiety when you begin noticing one potentially broken item after another. Whether it’s a laptop that needs repairing or a leaking faucet, you don’t have to feel obligated to fix it yourself.

There are plenty of repairmen and consultants in every town and city to help you, and the best part is that they are skilled at their job. Hence, you’ll skip the worry over repairing something you’re unfamiliar with by leaving it to the experts.

6. Childcare

Raising a child is a lifelong process that can exhaust any human being. When it comes to delegating responsibilities of childcare, it’s not about allowing someone to raise your child for you; it’s about finding balance. The truth is, every once in a while, parents need a break and that’s alright.

On certain days, you can hire a babysitter to watch over the kids while you take a few hours out for yourself or with your partner. You can even delegate it to your grandparents if it provides you with better peace of mind.

7. Voluntary Commitments

There are moments where you perhaps have been assigned the duty to host a party or perhaps you offered to host a community fundraising event.

There are many voluntary commitments that can be delegated to an expert such as an event organiser or the family bakery in the neighbourhood.

During times where you often feel there aren’t enough hours in a day, voluntary responsibilities can cause pressure. To better manage your time and health, delegating such tasks can be a reminder for you to catch your breath.

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  • Having a healthy and motivating work environment is what most of today’s employees are looking for. They want to feel good about themselves and be happy not only outside the office and their working hours. After all, eight hours per day is a significant amount of time and there is no reason for your employees not to feel satisfied and happy while working. When investing in your employees’ well-being, you’re investing in their productivity which leads to better business results. If you want to enjoy countless benefits when having a happy and healthy team, we bring you useful ideas that will thrill you and your employees. Fitness Programs Physical activity leads to joy, life balance, health, motivation and better work performance. So, why not encourage your employees to start being active and show them you truly care about their well-being? As fitness programs can be customised to fit the needs of your employees and your business, you can choose from a wide range of options. For instance, you can have a yoga teacher coming to your workplace every Friday morning or you can even reward your employees with a paid membership at a local gym. Also, you can have active team buildings to boost team spirit and connect outside work. Why not organize rafting, go run a marathon or simply go bowling? All of these options provide your employees with something different and fresh. Some companies even throw down fitness challenges to create a fun and friendly competition between their employees. Employees and Friends Every business owner wants to have employees that will stay with the company for a long time. When working with the same people year after year, it’s inevitable that your employees will become friends. As their boss, you should strongly encourage this for many reasons. Having a friendly work environment will motivate your employees to work harder as they will see your company as their own little community. Having people you like in your work environment can significantly reduce stress and frustration employees sometimes feel. When they know that their co-workers are also their friends, employees are more encouraged to speak their mind and suggest their own ideas. All this leads to a very healthy, relaxing and enjoyable work environment nobody wants to leave. Kitchen in the Office Spending the majority of your time working can lead to several unhealthy habits such as eating junk food or forgetting to eat due to work overload. However, if you provide your employees with a functional kitchen they could use every day, it will motivate them to start having healthy eating habits. Some will probably bring food from home, others will buy groceries at a nearby market and quickly prepare their meal in the kitchen. It doesn’t really matter as long as they have a place they can go to when they need to take a break from work. The kitchen can also be a place where your employees chat while preparing their morning coffee and connecting as a team. Make sure you have a microwave, at least one gas ring, add in a fire duct to remove all the smoke and smell , make sure there is hot water on tap, and you will be good to go. Walk the Talk Being outside in fresh air is very beneficial for your well-being. Your focus is better and you’re improving your creativity with short walks every day. But, what if you encouraged your employees to hold their meetings while walking? Walking meetings will freshen up your everyday activities by doing something completely different. Let your employees know they can invite their clients for a short walk instead of sitting in an office when it’s a beautiful day outside. What’s great about walking meetings is that they don’t feel like work at all. Instead, you see it as a relaxing activity in which you casually exchange information with the other person. After your walk, you will feel even more focused and motivated to get back to work. Remote Day Just like taking your meetings outside and changing the work environment can boost your creativity and focus, providing your employees with a remote day can be very beneficial for your entire business . Of course, not everyone will be productive or willing to work from home, but do it for those who would concentrate better and prefer changing their workspace every once in a while. Depending on what your business needs, you can have your employees take one or several remote days per month. These days will provide them with an emotional and mental break from a long commute and working in the office from early morning until almost evening. Ask your employees how they feel about working from home and let them know it is an option if they want to. Conclusion By investing in your employees, you’re investing in the future of your business. The more satisfied your employees are with their jobs, the better their performances will be. Happy employees will always do their best to contribute as much as possible to their company’s success. Let them know how important they are to you by implementing our ideas right away.

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