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Jan 14

5 Tips To Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep In The Winter Months



Assuming your home is properly heated, sleeping in winter can be a really great thing. First of all, the lack of natural light in the winter reduces the level of melatonin in your body and it’s this hormone that tells you when you’re supposed to go to sleep. Also, once you start playing with your thermostat, you’re quite likely to make your home either too hot or too cold and this can significantly disrupt your body’s natural sleeping process. Because of this, you’ll want to get as much as possible from sleeping during the winter. Make sure you follow these 5 tips that will help you ensure you have a blissful night’s sleep.


Woman sleepingWoman sleeping


Do a Bedding Check

Just like you dress up properly before you go outside during the cold days, you also have to make sure your bedding is appropriate. Luckily, there are many things you can use to keep you warm during the winter nights. First of all, flannel sheets are something you can never go wrong with. But in case you aren’t a big fan of heavy blankets, some of the newer synthetic materials might be a great option. And as always, if you’re using the same pillow for more than 2 years, you should think about getting a new one.


Folded beddingFolded bedding


Don’t Crank up the Heat

Recent studies have shown that lowering your body temperature can help you fall asleep much easier. That’s why you’ll want to try to reduce body temperature before it’s time you go to bed. A great way to do this is to take a warm but not too hot bath. You can also avoid turning up the heat too much. The great thing about this is that turning down the heat will not only help you sleep better but save you some money as well.


Sleep in a Pleasant Environment

We all know the saying “out of sight, out of mind”. Well, when it comes to cold winter nights, this is something you should have in mind. One of the best ways to make sure you sleep better during the night is to create a mess-free environment. Spending just 15 minutes tidying up before going to bed will make you sleep better. Make sure your hang your clothes in the closet instead of throwing them down on the floor. You should also seriously consider getting a quality bed with drawers, as they are very comfortable and the extra storage will help keep your space clear of clutter. So get organized and tidy up your place. And since it’s so cold outside, you won’t have anything better to do anyway.


Night stand beside the bedNight stand beside the bed


Dress for the Weather

Remember when you were a kid and you mom used to make dress warm when it’s too cold outside? Well, this is something you have to when you’re an adult as well. But, bear in mind that dressing for the weather is important during the night as well. If you don’t crank up the heat too much, you’re going to need soft pajamas with long sleeves. If you’re still feeling cold, you can put on your socks as well.


Balance the Humidity

Humidity can always affect the way you sleep. That’s why it’s important to balance the humidity in your home all year long but it’s especially important to do this in winter. Keeping the humidity level around 50% will help you fall asleep easier and have a good night’s sleep. Just make sure you don’t veer away from this golden mean. Obviously, you’re going to need the proper equipment in order to be able to balance the humidity in your home. That’s why you should make sure you get a dehumidifier before the next winter.


It’s important to do all of these things in order to get enough sleep during the cold winter nights. So, prepare for the winter, follow these tips and make sure you get your 8 hours of quality sleep.

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  • Some people are more radiant than others, and usually the reason for this is their wellbeing. When we say this word, there are so many things included here – the quality of life, mental and physical health, happiness, good living and basically anything that makes people feel good inside. We often notice that people who take good care of themselves mentally, physically and spiritually are those who look the most attractive to us. Perhaps this is because they are confident knowing they do what’s right for them, and we know how much we can be drawn to confidence. Maybe this is just because whenever we really feel good inside, it is reflected in our appearance positively. After all, they say that external appearance is a direct reflection of who we are internally. There are definitely several things we can discuss concerning this topic. Feeling good and confident makes us attractive People with that certain glow we tend to notice sometimes are usually those who are more physically active and who eat healthily. This doesn’t have to be the case, but there are many examples of people who really take care of their health and wellbeing and look really appealing and incredible. After all, different physical activities accompanied by eating what’s good for you gives you a great body figure, and knowing you’re doing what’s right makes you proud of yourself and you feel confident. Whenever we feel confident, we are liked by others because people like this characteristic a lot. We trust confident people, we want to be in a relationship with them, we want to work with them, we turn to them whenever a problematic situation occurs… Plus, when one is satisfied with themselves, why wouldn’t they look good to others as well, smiling most of the time and looking fit, strong and healthy? We can also mention that sometimes people really aren’t satisfied with their looks, so they start feeling bad about themselves and that can even shake their wellbeing. They are more prone to getting ill, because they feel more self-conscious, anxious and unsatisfied than they should be. In this case, it is totally acceptable to do things to change your appearance. For the sake of your mental health and to feel more confident, you can even consider plastic surgery, if you think that can make you feel better. In Australia, there are so many great options when it comes to appearance improving nowadays. There are many clinics that can help you work on whatever you feel like. From reducing or making a certain part of your face or body bigger, to reducing the appearance of wrinkles (if you are more mature) –today we have it all. In fact, you can consider a mini facelift in Sydney , a surgery many have tried up to now and the number is increasing. People like how it makes them feel younger and better about themselves, which means others find them more stunning as well. When we feel bad inside, we tend to neglect our looks Lastly, there are people with objectively beautiful features who don’t look that enticing because they don’t take care of their wellbeing. Usually when people feel bad inside, they also neglect their appearance, they don’t nourish their skin, body, mind and soul. Also, people who feel stressed, worried, anxious or ill look wan and pinched, and they aren’t as radiant as those who are happy, energized, calm and put together. In your life, you’ve probably had a chance to notice how people’s wellbeing affects their physical appearance. After all, you know how when we feel under the weather, we look pallid and almost lifeless. Opposed to this, feeling good and energized makes us look more attractive and when we like ourselves, we feel confident, which lures people to us. Therefore, in order to look good, do what’s best for your wellbeing always!
  • Naturally, most people don’t see the immediate connection between general health and their teeth, but those two parts of human health are more than connected. Oral health can actually affect everything from your smile to your heart and your bones. Here’s exactly what might happen if you decide to neglect your dental health. Preserving your teeth Of course, taking good care of your oral cavity will prevent a lot of issues with teeth and gums. Brushing and flossing after every meal (or at least twice a day) will do wonders for your pearly whites, but what's more important is seeing your dentist regularly. Your professional will be able to check your teeth, clean them and spare you from many costly procedures and health issues. For instance, a simple tiny cavity fix can spare you a lot of money, time and pain of a root canal procedure. Heart issues Aside from preserving your smile, your teeth can also affect your heart. For instance, the bacteria and germs from your mouth can spread through your bloodstream, reach your heart, attach themselves to the inner lining of your heart chambers and valves (endocardium) and cause serious infections or endiocarditis. Additionally, according to many research, strokes, clogged arteries and various other heart issues can be caused by inflammations in the mouth caused by oral bacteria. Diabetes Gum tissue inflammations can make it harder for people with blood sugar issues to control their diabetes symptoms . Diabetic people are also more prone to periodontal disease which creates a vicious cycle that can only be solved with proper dental care. If you manage to reduce the bacteria in your mouth, you will be able to get your blood sugar under control and vice versa. Osteoporosis This very serious disease weakens the bones and can be connected to jaw bone loss as well as tooth loss. Certain medication prescribed to people suffering from osteoporosis can affect jaw health, so it’s very important to regularly see your dental care provider. If you’re scared of the dentist, don’t worry— check out Delight Dental Spa in Mascot and you can have a relaxing spa experience that will also ensure your teeth and jaw are in best possible condition. Pneumonia Infections in your mouth can reach your lungs and cause serious health issues like pneumonia . While the connection isn’t super obvious, experts think that you can breathe in the bacteria from your infected teeth or gums, pull them into your lungs and cause respiratory issues. Dementia Just like the bacteria from your gums can reach the lungs, they can also reach your brain through the nerve channels or through the bloodstream and lead to the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Pregnancy issues Pregnant women often tend to eat well, take plenty of vitamins and have regular general health checkups, but they still tend to avoid dental health that can have a huge effect on their pregnancy. Besides visiting a gynecologist, all future mothers need to regularly see their dentists. The hormone boost in pregnancy can make certain dental issues worse . Additionally, periodontitis can also put babies are risk of premature birth and low birth weight which is very alarming. Good dental health is really the key to a healthy pregnancy and a strong and happy baby. HIV risks People living with HIV are extra prone to infections which can also result in serious health complications and even death. Even small infections can quickly become fatal health issues due to a person’s weak immune system. So, people with HIV need to have a strict dental hygiene routine and see their specialist regularly in order to maintain good dental health. If you ensure your teeth are clean and healthy and your gums are strong, you will get to prevent many health issues and have a wonderfully white and radiant smile which is always a huge plus!
  • A growing amount of research proves the old saying – you are what you eat. We are all aware that in order to stay fit and healthy, we must include fresh and healthy foods into our daily meals, yet most of us are not entirely aware of the actual effect certain foods have on our bodily and brain functions. Carbs and starchy foods make us sleepy and unproductive, while fresh veggies and fruits give us energy, right? However, there are so many nutrients our body and mind need on a daily basis in order to function at their best. The following list breaks down some of the healthiest foods (and drinks) and explains the specific benefits to our body and mind. 1. Ginkgo Biloba Ginkgo biloba has been an essential ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine for ages. Nowadays, it is becoming well known around the world as one of the most powerful herbs when it comes to its antioxidant levels. Most commonly used as a supplement, or added to tea, it is used to slow down the aging process. According to a large amount of research , its powerful effect is evident not only in our physique, but our brains reap the benefits of it as well. Namely, ginkgo can be used as a memory booster and it also provides help when it comes to fighting the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, it helps with conditions such as depression, multiple sclerosis and tinnitus. Since it increases the blood flow in our body and brain, it is also commonly used to help circulation and ease leg pain caused by clogged arteries. If you want to look and feel younger, and boost your memory and brain function, include ginkgo biloba supplement into your daily intake, and don’t forget to consult your doctor about the dosage and possible side effects first. 2. Oranges Apart from being juicy and delicious, oranges are a powerful source of vitamin C. Nothing can beat that amazing energy boost you get after a glass of freshly made orange juice in the morning. Vitamin C does this to your body and mind. It takes only one large orange to provide your body with enough vitamin C to keep you healthy and mentally strong for an entire day. Aside from increasing our general immunity, vitamin C also plays an important role in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. What’s more, it is a strong memory booster and helps our brain stay sharp. It is also recommended as a potential aid in preventing symptoms of dementia, as well. 3. Matcha From improved skin and sleep to lower glucose and bad cholesterol levels, matcha powder provides numerous health benefits, probably more than any other known herb. Originating from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, matcha green tea powder is a type of green tea that is specially harvested and prepared to get a more intense flavour, colour and effect. Being high in caffeine, theanine and chlorophyll, matcha green tea powder helps in treating symptoms of numerous conditions and improving health in general. Matcha green tea is extremely rich in antioxidants which help your cells fight off diseases and keep you young for longer. Moreover, it will help you stay alert and focused, without the negative side effects of caffeine in coffee. Aside from enhancing your brain power, matcha green tea also reduces the levels of bad cholesterol and stress in your body and mind. Include a cup of freshly made matcha green tea into your daily diet for better memory, concentration and many other health benefits this herb brings to your body and mind. 4. Coconut Oil Another amazing natural addition to our diet and skincare is the super powerful coconut oil. Probably, most of us would think of skincare first when we mention this oil. No wonder, since it acts as a natural moisturiser for your skin and hair. You can use it as face cream, body lotion, or hair conditioner. It also keeps bacteria at bay, therefore it is commonly used as toothpaste, usually mixed with baking soda. However, its benefits don’t stop there. When consumed as food, coconut oil has been proved to increase brain function, as a study on Alzheimer’s patients shows. 5. Oatmeal Probably not your favourite breakfast choice, but you force yourself to eat it every once in a while because you’ve heard it’s healthy and keeps your weight in check, right? Well, the reason it is one of the most suggested foods to start the day off with is because the carbohydrates in it help you get enough glucose to keep you energised and sharp throughout the day. Additionally, it can be used as an amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory facial scrub to treat acne and oily skin. 6. Fish If you still haven’t included fish in your weekly meal plan, you should do it immediately. When you’re at it, make sure to stock up on fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines since they are rich in protein and valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Protein helps your muscles develop, whereas fatty acids enhance your memory, fight off depression and inflammation, and improve your immune system. It’s also super easy to prepare. You can add it to pasta, rice, or veggies, or sprinkle olive oil over it and put it in the oven for a delicious dinner. 7. Turmeric Turmeric, or curcumin, aside from being a tasty addition to your soup or vegetable dish, is also packed with powerful agents that keep you healthy and improve your memory and brain function. Although more commonly used in treating inflammatory , bacterial and viral infections, it has proved to be effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease and some types of cancer.

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