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Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino Companies
Jul 19, 2017



Edited: Jul 20, 2017


Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing joyful people enhancing their happiness by making ethical decisions. "Joy" is the one of the most precious & cherished words we say and feel. There are many appropriate synonyms, but I especially love the character of people who choose to use this simple three-letter word to express their happiness. The incredible Make-A-Wish Foundation chose "joy" as one of their three inspiring words to officially describe what children with life-threatening illnesses feel as a result of being granted a special wish. It is common to hear exemplary parents use "joy" to describe the enormous happiness they feel while ethically raising their exemplary children. I have found that "joy" users are kind, compassionate and peace-loving. Throughout our lives, we are ultimately confronted with numerous ethical or non-ethical fork in the road type decisions. I am amazed how often, and under what circumstances, I see "joy" users naturally choose the ethical path. There are countless examples I can think of to explain my joy/ethical link analysis. I would like to discuss just one heartwarming example that I recently encountered while living my joyous life.


I was recently on line at the grocery store. I was purchasing a few in-season summer melons. An elderly woman in front of me said, "Those are the sweetest melons you will ever taste. Enjoy!" She was as happy as happy can be. With a huge smile on her face, she picked up an item that had dropped out of one of the bags from the departing customer in front of her and handed it to the grateful man. As she received her change, she complimented the cashier on how she loved the cashier's European accent. She then did something I had not seen in years. She returned a nickel after realizing she was handed five cents more than she should have received. One simple act. One fascinating insight into the soul of a happy, ethically connected human. The cashier looked surprised, but appreciative. I had to say something right there and then, so I did. "Excuse me, but that was a really nice thing you just did." She replied, "I used to be a cashier. I know the drawer must be correct to the penny at the end of each shift. It gives me such joy to do what's right." I noticed the nearby employees and customers all simultaneously smiled. One small act. One large impact. As this amazing woman walked away, I couldn't help but think of all the lives she positively affected in her life and all the joy and kindness she will instinctively share in her future travels.

Imagine a world in which every person allowed their inner and outer happiness to guide their every act. Imagine a world in which coveted Hallmark words come to life for all, not just on special occasions, but in every day situations. Imagine the joy. #14All

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  • Personally, I love nothing more than getting away from it all and fully immersing myself in a new culture for a couple of weeks. To share my experience with you, I’ve documented a few of the things my partner and I got up to when we recently visited the Algarve. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this beautiful part of the world , the Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal, and as you’ll see from what I have to say over the following page or so - it’s well worth a trip if you’ve never been! The first thing that struck me when we were heading to our hotel in the airport shuttle bus is the sheer scale of the coastline. To say it was glorious would be an understatement. As we headed over the summit of the last hills before the coast, the view really took my breath away. The sea seems to go on forever and the way the sunlight danced with the water is something that will stay with me forever. If you’ve never experienced it, then seeing the coast come into view all of a sudden would be worth the cost of your flight all on its own. As we weaved our way along the coastal roads to our hotel, I couldn’t wait to get out and feel the sun on my skin. It felt like we were on the shuttle forever because all I wanted to do was get out and explore but to be fair, it was less than an hour! The moment I set foot outside I felt the warm glow on my skin and knew that I’d found my ideal home away from home for the next couple of weeks. What I think you’ll really like is the relatively low humidity. Sometimes when I’ve travelled, I’ve stepped out of the confines of the shuttle bus air-conditioning and instantly started gasping because of the stifling heat. The Algarve has this lovely coastal sea breeze than keeps you cool enough without making you catch a chill if you sit on the beach for an afternoon. Once we’d checked in, we headed straight out to go and explore the local surroundings and get our bearings. We walked along the coast and found a nice little fish bar. I’d read a lot about how the fishermen of the Algarve bring in fresh catches that the restaurants and bars love to serve up the same day. I tried a simple local specialty of cockles and clams in garlic and olive oil and my taste buds were literally dancing with delight on the tip of my tongue. I’ve had similar meals back home but they couldn’t compare to this one. The simplicity of the flavors worked in perfect harmony with the freshness of that day’s catch. To say that fresh seafood was one of the highlights of my trip wouldn’t quite do it justice. If you haven’t tried it, then all I can really think to say is that all of the subtle flavors are enhanced to the point where they really come to life. After a little rest by the pool, we then headed out in the evening to enjoy some of the night life. We’re not big party people, so we skipped the bars and clubs and went in search of some authentic local culture. Live music bars where you can sit out in the evening sun and listen to a few local performers are very popular and I can see why. It’s a nice experience that I think you’ll end up enjoying a few evenings in a row. We went to a few different places so that we could get a feel for the whole place rather than basing ourselves at one place for the entire two weeks. This was great and as we saw a couple of acts rotate amongst our favorite spots we doubled back to see them a second time. I loved this because it made me feel like I was really getting into the local way of life rather than staying on a large resort and never leaving. The final thing I want to tell you about is the people; they really do make this beautiful part of the world what it is. To say they’re friendly would be an understatement. Asking for directions, ordering food, getting a helping hand in the hotel; it was all really nice and friendly no matter what we were trying to do. There’s a subtle sense of humor and a relaxed attitude that pervades the Algarve and if you’re someone who really likes to go out and meet the locals to get a feel for where you’re staying then I think you’ll have a lot of fun. If you’ve never been to the Algarve then all I can say is that I’ll see you there next year! We booked our trip through Sunway , and we will definitely be doing that again next year, perhaps in a different resort.
  • I love to share all the crazy shapes and colors that find their way into my head, and if I am lucky back out again in some form that can bring enjoyment to others...
  • Whenever my joy quota seems to be running in low supply, I know that there is no more joy to be found than in love. We cannot, of course, control the amount of love that comes into our lives, but we can certainly control the love we create. There are so many opportunities within us to create love, from those bits of love found in appreciation of the sunlight yielding all the subtle colors of a leaf, to the realization of just how wonderful someone is who we are blessed to have within our lives. Certainly we know these loves are there, but it is so easy within the maze and confusion we call life to let them be forgotten, as we simply try to get through a hectic day. It is within those most hectic and stressful parts of life that we most need to slow down a bit, and specifically take time to remember those things in life which give it the most meaning. To each of us, whether it be the notes of a favorite song, the words of a poem, or my favorite, the smile on a loved one's face, those bits of light with which we fill those moments in our day, and the special places in our heart, are what help keep life from overwhelming us.

Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino & guests are on a mission to raise awareness - to inspire you to embrace the inner love, gifts, and talents that create the essence of who you really are - and to challenge you to share this uniqueness with the world. Best Ever You is a safe place to discover, or re-discover your authentic, best self - to create a vision and practice that vision, to really live - where each moment in your life matters. Our goal is assist you to connect with your true self, to others around you, and to the world as a whole, in peace - for peace.Your highest-best-self and best-life mean making a commitment to yourself to become healthy in all ways - mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally.