Our Best Ever You Team

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino


When our lives touch, my goal is that we are both our best as a result.

Hay House author, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, mom of four boys and founder and CEO of the Best Ever You Network, understands firsthand the challenges life can bring and has worked with thousands across the globe to illuminate their light within and help them live their best life. She has a degree in communications and broadcasting; is a life coach, food-allergy expert, and anaphylaxis survivor; and is the host of The Best Ever You Show, which has over one million downloads. Elizabeth took a huge leap of faith in 2009 to leave a seventeen year career in the financial services industry to start The Best Ever You Network and become a talk show host and author. Elizabeth is the author of Percolate - Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Spring 2014, Hay House). Elizabeth lives in Maine with her husband Peter, their four boys, four cats and massive labradoodle. She is mentored by Gary Kobat.  

​Visit: About.me/elizabethhamiltonguarino

Gary Kobat

Mentor, Advisor, Co-Host

World Class Athlete and Olympic "Mentalist," Gary Kobat, is quickly becoming the world's authority on mind, body, spirit, and sport. Gary is on a heart-felt mission to inspire millions of people to reveal their vibrational highest best self: mentally, physically, and spiritually. The author, international speaker, and Integrative Performance Coach mixes ancient wisdom with cutting-edge trends in human performance to focus his teachings and practice on the importance of self-love and self-worth. Gary's client list is a who's who in film, business, and sport. For the past decade he has quietly assisted the spiritually, health, wellness, and longevity of Jim Carrey, Mariska Hargitay, Will Ferrell, and countless others.

Visit http://www.garykobat.com

Deb Scott

Advisor, Co-Host, Creative Partner

Deb Scott, BA, CPC  is a four-time award winning author of “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue,”  and a top rated Best Podcaster winner of “The Best People We Know Show” on blog talk radio, stitcher and player FM with over 1 million global listeners.  Deb spent twenty years as a cardiovascular surgical specialist, winning numerous awards for outstanding sales and leadership skills.  In her personal life, Deb battled sexual abuse, others’ alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships, depression, was the sole caregiver to both her parents who fought cancer to their death, and even experienced financial devastation.  Today, Deb helps people turn things around in their business, or the business of living, with the discovery of the amazing you. Sign up for Deb’s free mind vitamin monthly newsletter at:  http://www.GreenSkyandBlueGrass.com

Ken Buis

web strategist/consultant/developer, eBusiness and eLearning Consultant

Ken is a web strategist, developer, designer with 20 years of international experience in developing adaptive search engine optimization strategies and websites for companies of all sizes. With a keen understanding of the latest developments in customizing websites to perform well on Google, Ken assists companies to adapt to change and maintain high website ranking online, while providing easy access to content across all devices.

With formal studies in technology coupled with real world business experience, Ken brings a wealth of current knowledge to each project, while maintaining a strong focus on organic ethical search ranking and website design techniques.

Also, Ken is a business consultanting, web strategist, eLearning specialist and an innovative, student-focused educator with 20 years teaching experience, Visit: http://about.me/kenbuis

Debra Oakland, Advisor

Debra Oakland is the Founder of Living in Courage - A Spiritual Oasis For Overcoming Life's Biggest Challenges. In 1995 Debra lost her son in a car accident and began her life altering path, becoming a writer, courage advocate and joyful experiencer. The loss of other immediate family members and friends, in a short six years, led Debra even deeper into her inner path. She now writes, speaks and works with Universal Laws & Principles that assist others to live courageously from the inside out. Debra's story appears in the book PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through and she has been a key speaker in the Motivation Marathon and What's Percolating Teleconference. Debra has been married to Cody for 27 years. They live a beautiful and blessed life together in Laguna Beach, CA. Visit LivingInCourageOnline.com for more information.

Randi Siegel, Consultant

Randi Siegel is a talent manager, producer, writer and social media consultant. She has focused on the comedy world for over 15 years and has been fortunate to gain experience and knowledge of all aspects of the business including: talent management, development, casting, production, editing, business affairs, digital / social media and brand image and recognition, in film, tv, music and publishing. Randi knows how to edit and work with small budgets, which enhances her skills as a producer. Randi knows how to produce, identify and work with talent, story edit, write and give copious, effective notes, which helps make her a well rounded development executive. She also know contracts and talent deals from both sides of the fence and is an adjunct professor at Boston University, teaching Talent Representation and Contracts. Randi believes in quality and doing things smarter and better - She loves comedy and want to keep finding ways to make people laugh and bring new talent to the forefront, like multi-talented Frank Stallone.

Emily Janson

Graphic Designer

Emily has worked with Best Ever You for over 3 years and is responsible for all graphics, our magazine and our newsletters. Emily is a graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design. Since 1991, she has worked with non-profits, small businesses, and individuals designing publications, theater programs and other print materials. Emily is married, has one child, and enjoys living in Maine. She loves to read, so if you have a favorite author, please contact her with your recommendation.

Jill Jelena Mijanovic

Producer and Project Manager

Jelena Jill Mijanovic is a holistic life coach, a peace ambassador and a practitioner of yoga, meditation, chanting, brain education, Vedicsciences and various forms of integrative medicine. Currently studying Acupuncture, Siddha Medicine and Dahn Yoga, Jill enjoys going on pilgrimages throughout the world. It's her passion to uplift and empower others by bringing them to sacred spots that heal, transform, help one hear their soul's song and fulfill their life's mission! Always in the company of holy ones and her furry 4 year old baby girl Neela, Jill aspires to open up an Academy in 2015 that will bring the best techniques from all the religions and lineages she studied to those seeing higher knowledge and the light.

Christine D. Brown

Co-Founder, Best Ever You Elegance & Operations Advisor, Best Ever You

Christine D. Brown is the CEO/Founder of CDB Designs and jewelry designer for Best Ever You Elegance. Christine and Elizabeth have been friends since elementary school. We're a little bit better at art than math, but if our memories are still serving us well, that adds up to just around 35 years! Christine and Elizabeth have won science fair awards together, been in talent shows together and now have collaborated to create a new elegant and affordable line of accessories called Inspire! and for our cat lovers - Meow! She most enjoys the creative process involved in jewelry design and she always tries to incorporate Swarovski crystals in her pieces. Christine is an environmental graduate of the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. She and her husband, Tom, live in North Carolina with their son Mason. 


Alexandra Neudek is a seventeen year old senior at Falmouth High School and couldn't be more excited for Best Ever You Teen if she tried. Alexandra is responsible for Best Ever You Tumblr activities and is a blogger for our Teen Channel. She has been acting in theatre since she was five, and has appeared in countless productions, including Stephen Sondheim's Dramafest and a commercial for The University of Southern Maine. Alexandra is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College program in Acting, as well as William and Mary's Pre-Collegiate Program in Early American Studies. She is an avid debater as she has over 100 points from the National Forensic League. Her debate achievements include multiple first place trophies (Bates, Bangor, Erskine, etc), and qualifying as an alternate for the national tournament this year. Alexandra is also recipient of other honors such as the Excellence in Civics award from Falmouth High School,  a finalist spot in the Merriconeag Poetry Contest, and a membership to The National Honors Society. Alexandra also writes for SexEtc run by Rutgers University and is currently organizing a 5k walk/run to benefit the organization Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. In her (sparse) free time, she enjoys reading about history, politics, and economics. 

Lauren M. Galley

Lauren Galley is the Founder of Girls Above Society.

GIRLS ABOVE SOCIETY is a 501C3 organization (status pending) founded by Lauren Marie Galley, an 18 year old actress/model and college honors student. This organization provides mentorship and awareness to teen girls facing the pressures of today's society. GAS is the home of "Girl Talk", a signature program lead by Lauren that builds the confidence and leadership every young girl needs to become an excellent role model in their community.

Eighteen year old Teen Mentor Lauren Marie Galley is an actress, model, speaker and President of Girls Above Society. Her program “Girl Talk” promotes self confidence and awareness of the pressures teens face in today’s society. Lauren has appeared on ABC Family’s “The Lying Game” and NBC’s “CHASE”. Visit www.girlsabovesociety.org for more information.

Liz Foley 

Editor-in-Chief, Best Ever You Magazine

Liz is a real estate agent in Southern Maine, but loves working with words as much as she does houses and people. A graduate of the University of Southern Maine with a BA in English, this former reading teacher is a mother of one adult son, Alex, and has been a wife for over 32 years. Someday, she would like to read and write all day with her cats and dog at her feet in front of a fire. Until then, her time with Best Ever You is filling that need by putting together the best magazine and network possible, with the best people possible.

Katie Eastman, Consultant

Dr. Katie Eastman, is a contributing author to Percolate - Let Your Best Self Filter Through  and is the founder and CEO of Children's Palliative Care Community. Katie is a key figure in the lives of those struggling to understand death and the process of dying. An advocate in the field of hospice and palliative care for over 25 years, Katie is a transition coach, consultant and writer supporting others in living today better than yesterday. Katie Eastman, Psy. D. MSW, holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and a masters in social work with a health care specialization. Katie lives with her husband and daughter in Washington state. Visit Dr. Katie Eastman.