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Best Ever You Channels

Best Ever You was founded with six principles to be your best. Our channels are based from these principles: Core of You, Art of You, Heart of You, Humanity of You, Sport of You and Spirit of You. We've created channels, coaching, and content to support these principles, as well as a best-selling journal. 

Learn The Six Best Ever You Principles

Best Ever You 52-Week Journal

core of you.jpg

Principle 1: The Core of You 

Your Values Zone

Focus Point: The essence of who you are – your values, beliefs, and behaviors.

Guiding Actions: Live life with strong, unwavering values and character.

Ask yourself: Is this in line with the essence of who I am?

art of you.jpg

Principle 2: The Art of You 

Your Inspiration Zone

Focus Point: Your unique, authentic self, as well as your talents and contributions to the world.


Guiding Actions: Foster life long learning, and utilize your skills and talents.

Ask yourself: Does this celebrate my unique skills and gifts?

heart of you.jpg

Principle 3: The Heart of You 

Your Emotions Zone

Focus Point: Your emotions, feelings, and awareness of self.


Guiding Actions: Develop your best emotional intelligence

Ask yourself: Do I take responsibility for my emotions, actions and behavior?

humanity of you.jpg

Principle 4: The Humanity of You 

Your Compassion Zone

Focus Point: Your role as a global citizen.


Guiding Actions: Treat others with compassion.

Ask yourself: How does this impact others around me and the world as a whole?

Helping Hands
sport of you.jpg

Principle 5: The Sport of You 

Your Wellness Zone

Focus Point: Your health and well-being.


Guiding Actions: Champion life-long well-being.

Ask yourself: Does this moment or action contribute to my longevity and health?

Fitness Friends
spirit of you2.jpg

Principle 6: The Spirit of You 

Your Harmony Zone

Focus Point: Cultivate harmony, inner peace and contentment


Guiding Actions: Embrace harmony, inner peace and being content.

Ask yourself: Is my mind at peace and my spirit content?

Balancing Rocks
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