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"Ground Yourself in Gratitude"

Hello and welcome to The Gratitude Zone on Best Ever You! I'm Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and I am here to guide you to find more gratitude in your life. 


I believe we bring out our best self and best in others by applying gratitude to the simple and practical things that already exist.  Being aware may mean you develop a mindful practice of slowing yourself down often, to listen and implement a practice of really thinking about how you are spending your time, energy and moments.

To me, gratitude is not lists of things and people and so forth that you are grateful for.  Gratitude is a root-level, core-level, sub-consciousness way of being.  You can retrain your brain to be grateful through careful thought.  You can retrain your brain to be grateful by finding the positive in every situation and bringing yourself back to breath. 

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