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Our Mission at  Best Ever You:

The Best Ever You Network is a multi-media company with multiple tools and resources that are dedicated to helping people, brands and businesses be their best. Best Ever You provides personal development to individuals and organizations around the world.


Founded in 2008, The Best Ever You Network’s mission is to raise awareness - to inspire you to embrace the inner love, gifts, and talents that create the essence of who you really are - and to challenge you to share this uniqueness with the world. The Best Ever You Network is a trusted place to discover or re-discover your authentic, best self, to create a vision and practice that vision, and to really live – rooted in gratitude, where each moment in your life matters.


Our goal is to assist you to connect and reconnect with your true self, to others around you, and to the world as a whole, in peace - for peace. Our founding 6 Best Ever You Principles are: Core of You, Art of You, Heart of You, Humanity of You, Sport of You and Spirit of You.  Also, our Ten Points of Change have been used around the globe to people make transformative change.

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Our Story:​

Best Ever You started one day back in 2008, when Founder, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, sat in her financial services office job contemplating life and how she could make a difference in the lives of others.  Having nearly lost her life several years earlier to  a series of food allergic reactions combined with the experience of her dad's stroke and fight for life, she constantly felt like there must be better ways to impact others and a more positive way to be on a daily basis.  One day, after witnessing an office fight, Elizabeth closed her office door and began sketching out and writing out an idea she had called, "Best Ever You."  With the business plan in hand, she quit her job and went home for the day.  Later than night, she let everyone at home know she had given her resignation and then shared her idea.  Her husband and children instantly supported her and Best Ever You became a reality.

Today, Best Ever You is a leading multi-media provider of lifestyle and self-help content. We are dedicated to helping YOU and all people across the globe live life to the fullest by being their best. We provide unique content, creative insight and tools you can use in your everyday life. Our network is a community of people making a difference. We are all dedicated to helping you be your best and create and live your best life.


Our philosophy

Moment by moment, we outgrow each and every business plan we write.  This is because of you.  We figure this is bigger than us and so each day a new connection appears or a new idea allows us to grow a little more.  I like to think of us as consciously and positively ambitious.  We don't trample all over people we meet, we don't have a hidden agenda and we don't have investors.  We are completely grassroots.  In general, our mission is to impact one person at a time positively and to have you do the same in return.


If our lives touch, my goal is that we are both better as a result.

Company History



Kris Fuller and Elizabeth meet randomly in a Facebook Group with over 300,000.

Together they decide to learn Zoom.

From that moment, Kris and Elizabeth joined the Best Ever You and Your Life Sparkles brands.

Kris Fuller, CEO of Your Life Sparkles joins our team as the Chief Creative Officer and collaborator. Press release



The Best Ever You Show celebrates 500 shows and launches Best Ever You TV.

Launch a merchandise store.


Sign with Waldorf Publishing to release books in 2020.


Create Best Ever You Journals.

#1 Best-Selling Journal: Best Ever You: 52 Week Journal to Your Bravest, Boldest You.

Best Ever You: 52 Week Journal to Your Healthiest, Best You

Release a best-selling children's book series: Pinky Doodle Bug, published by Waldorf Publishing

Provide a 52 week training course - Bravest, Boldest You

Create "Your Incredible Yes"

Launch Best You Chats.


Elizabeth is featured on BAM Network.

Percolate celebrates it's 5th year on 4/14/19.

The PERCOLATE Project is launched and reaches nearly every state.


Best Ever You introduces a new membership website to accommodate growth and writing requests.


Elizabeth and Best Ever You are verified on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Best You Daily Inspiration and Journal Prompts launch in September.

Percolate continues to Percolate.

Elizabeth appears on Positively Maine for an hour interview with Tory Ryden/WGAN.

Much of 2017 is spent refocusing and fixing platform and content to accommodate growth.

Best Ever You Magazine is relaunched in September after a 4 year hiatus.

Elizabeth is a featured speaker at the Ascendant Compliance Conference in Napa, CA.

Elizabeth becomes an expert on Thrive Global.


Best Ever You & Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino join the International Association of Internet Broadcasters ("IAIB").

Elizabeth named Top 40 Social CEOs on Twitter by Strategic Objectives.

Elizabeth interviewed by Oxford Said Business School's Tong Wu for being top Social CEO on Twitter.

BestEverYou.com is relaunched to accommodate growth and contributors.  


Elizabeth named Top 40 Social CEOs on Twitter by Strategic Objectives.



PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through is released by Hay House. 


The Best Ever You Network is nominated for a Shorty Award as the Best Small Business. Best Ever You is featured on Shorty Award's blog and website and brings home a 3rd place finish.

The Best Ever You Show has over 1 million downloads and is a featured host on Blog Talk Radio and is on Stitcher.



The Best Ever You Network has 450 dedicated writers and experts.Winner, StartupNation Leading Moms in Business, Top 200 mom-owned companies, rank #107Radio show surpasses 120,000 downloads. Show consistently in top 1%. Radio show is #1 in self-help and youth and #10 overall of 65,000 shows.Over 100,000 follow in Twitter.Founder, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino signs with Hay House for her book Percolate - Let Your Best Self Filter Through. 



Elizabeth co-founds and co-hosts The Motivation Marathon TeleSeminar, which featured over 40 internationally renowned experts and celebrities, including Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.



The Best Ever You Show begins on Blog Talk Radio with Dr. Katie Eastman and Forbes Riley as our first guest.Best Ever You named Top 50 entrepreneurial companies in Maine.



Best Ever You Magazine is launched.Best Ever You Named Winner, StartupNation Leading Moms in Business, Top 200 mom-owned companies, rank #107Best Ever You named Top 50 entrepreneurial companies in Maine.


August 14, 2008:

Elizabeth leaves 15 year financial services career to launch The Best Ever You Network.

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