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15 Tips for Living an Intentional Lifestyle

By Kate Glendon, CPC

What are some ways that we can live a more intentional lifestyle?

This is such abroad statement and can mean many different things to different people. Most of us have jam-packed schedules full of to-do’s and not enough time to do them in, so it can often feel impossible to live intentionally and focus on our own health and wellness. We often live for the weekend, but there are not enough Saturdays and Sundays in a lifetime for us to really connect to our mind, body and soul.

Here’s the good news: it is actually possible to block out time for self-care or freedom from daily life and routines. The trick is to focus on the smaller moments more than you focus on the big ones.

Tips for intentional living

  1. Take out a piece of paper and write out 101 things you want to do before the end of your life. Be sure to include small things as well as big things. They could even be things as simple as making and keeping annual doctor appointments.

  2. Tune out the noise. Today's world is filled with distractions that can easily pull you away from your values and intentions. I stopped watching the news in the morning. It was strange at first because the house was quiet. After a while, I got used to the silence and now enjoy it.

  3. Identify your values. What’s important to you and what do you believe in? Defining these things will help you remember what to focus on in your daily life.

  4. Set a morning intention. What’s something you want to make a priority each morning? Is it to write three things you're grateful for or send a few nice text messages out to friends?

  5. Refocus. What have you been thinking about, but have not done or how do you need to refocus your thoughts about a place, person or thing?

  6. Create a vision board. I like to do this every January and June. What kinds of things do you want to see and create in your life?

  7. Be mindful of the media you consume. Refer to number two for this one and limit your time on social media.

  8. Choose to be kind. When you're kind to others, the world reflects it back to you and we could all use a little more kindness in our lives.

  9. Do something that brings you joy. Really think about the things that bring you joy. How can you incorporate more of those things into your daily life?

  10. Ask “why” before you buy. Do you really need another pair of shoes..........ok, if yes.............why? What will the shoes bring to your life?

  11. Practice active listening. Don’t think of your response while another person is talking.....and put down your cell phone.

  12. Make time for self-reflection, whether that’s one day a week or every morning,

  13. Do something you can be proud of. What does that look like for you?

  14. Question your “have to's” and "should's." Why are you doing them? Are you also making time to do the things that you want to do?

  15. Give yourself a break. Practice giving and receiving grace.

“Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.”

The point is finding even just a few minutes every day to do something that brings you joy or reflection can completely change how you feel about your life—but you need to be intentional about making yourself a priority.

If you’re saying to yourself, “That’s easier said than done,” then I’d love to encourage you to schedule a free session with me at the link below to discuss how to make yourself a priority in your daily life and live with intention!

About Kate Glendon, CPC

Kate is a Certified Professional Coach who is dynamic and forward thinking.

She hold a Master's degree in Public Health and has over 15 years of experience in community health promotion and prevention with a focus of total wellness, Specializing in Planning - Policy Development - Media Relations - Community Mobilization - Program design and implementation and management.

Kate assists communities, groups, and individuals to increase their quality of life. Visit


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