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3 Days, 3 Steps Unleashing Your Power 4/14-16 11AMPST, Free webinar series

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Remember how many times you’ve thought or said out loud, “I wish I had more time to (fill in the blank)”? Well, now, you do!

Right now, is a great time to reflect inwards and take care of ourselves. Let’s use the extra time to create the future we have always wanted or at least plant the seeds for when we are out of lockdown!

Starting Tuesday, April 14th at 11:00 AM, I’m inviting you to join 3 Days x 3 Steps to Unleashing Your Power. It’s a 30-minute session for 3 days focused on helping you tap into your unique potential, create the future according to you, and live your best life ever! There is no charge for this.

I’ll be running the Unleash Your Power Sessions at the same time every day for 3 days.

Tuesday April 14th at 11:00AM PST. Step 1 in Unleash Your Power. 

Wednesday April 15th at 11:00AM PST. Step 2 in Unleash Your Power

Thursday April 16th at 11:00AM PST. Step 3 in Unleash Your Power

If you know someone who could benefit from unleashing their power, please share this so they can join us too!

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom!


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