Ask an Expert - Dear Rob Thompson

Ask an Expert - Rob Thompson
Ask an Expert - Rob Thompson

Dear Rob,

I like to post content to Facebook. Is it more effective to post my content there versus ever starting my own website and posting the content on my own platform.

This depends on a few factors - Posting on FaceBook is great if you have a large following and depending what your goal is with your followers.  Are you trying to sell them your product or service?  This should not be solely done on Facebook.  - Think of Facebook as your own TV station.  You want to provide entertaining, informative information content on Facebook. - Your Facebook page should be a destination for your online community not a commercial ever post.  - Facebook Live is a tremendous tool as is creating a private Facebook group where you share information, ideas with like minded people.  - Your Website think of as your store front  you want to use this platform to convert your online community to customers at this point. - Yes have a website if you plan to share blogs and podcast and if you have a product or service. - Direct people to your website from Facebook and Instagram content. On select posts simply end with to  “learn More” go to  (your call to action).  

Dear Rob,

I want to start a podcast. Should I?

- You should start a podcast if you have information you feel is valuable to share with your online community. - Interview Influencers in your industry and community - Have cohost on to help with Q&A’s and new content and personality.  - The simplicity now of using podcast apps such as which is free allows you to podcast from your phone with no fancy recording equipment needed.  - You can also use Facebook Live to record your podcast depending on how comfortable you are in camera.  - Podcasting is a great way to reach new people and potential clients providing them with free valuable information, advice and inspiration that builds trust.  - Highly recommend everyone to do it and you don’t have to be a DJ on TV personality to do it.   

Dear Rob,

What is SEO?

- SEO is a fancy digital marketing term that measures when people “Searching” for information ranks you. - For example you google “need advice on a career in sports”.  Hopefully my website pops up close to the top of the list google provides (Pathetic Plug). We usually will click on the first few links that don’t seem like ads. - The key words/phrase that you use in your headings that you post in social media will get recognized and the amount of times people view, comment or like those post, win this case “career in sports” will bring your content to the top of search tools like google and YouTube - Same for Youtube “How do I land my dream job in sports”. Videos of podcasts will pop up - The more content you post like blogs, Facebook live, YouTube videos, client reviews on yelp or google will help your SEO / Search rating and people searching for you.

About Rob Thompson:

Rob Thompson has spent 27+ years in sports marketing and media as an executive and founder in start ups, start overs and top global brands The NFL and The Walt Disney Company.  

Rob is the host of the Sports Biz Podcast.

Rob is also the co-host of That's Life Podcast with Rob and Coach Celano.

Visit: Rob Thompson Live at and connect with Rob on LinkedIn at

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