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52 Week Journal to Your Bravest, Boldest You

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

NEW! From the Creators of The Best Ever You Network and Your Life Sparkles

52 Week Journal to your Bravest, Boldest You!

Nestled in the heart of just about everything is a word or action most people either dread or embrace: CHANGE

The choices you make and actions you take distract or add to your level of peace. We each have the capacity to access our quiet, most peaceful, optimal selves and to live those behaviors in each moment of our lives.

We also know that change takes time, commitment, and discipline. Whether you need to adjust to circumstances and change or you want to take control of the reins.

We have guided thousands of people in many areas of life to discover their power and become the best ever you. Both professionally and personally, we must embrace truths, take ownership, and make constant adjustments.

The momentum is up to you. Are you taking an active role in your own life?

This is action. These are the moments where you stop wishing for it and start working for it to happen. Action can be micro-moments, small choices or bid decisions but the important thing about action is partnering it with consistency. This creates moments where awareness moves into lasting, transformative change. We start, stop and amplify to take action.

When you find an area in your life that you wish to change or improve, it may require some discussions with yourself to assess and create an action plan.

IT'S TIME TO ILLUMINATE YOUR LIFE to become your authentic, best self. Life is jam packed with endless possibilities and the path to change can feel like a grueling uphill climb without the proper gear.

We're here to help you ground yourself in gratitude and embrace your space and the future. Peace rests in your heart. Your joy is in your hands. Have the confidence and love within you to cultivate greatness. Direct your thoughts and actions in a positive direction and seek what is meaningful to you.

No one can do your work for you, but we’re here to bring organization, tools and support. We are your biggest fans. We know change and we know it’s not easy. You’re not going to be perfect at it, and you can do it.

NEW! 52 Week Journal to your Bravest, Boldest You!

NEW! 52 Week Journal to Your Bravest, Boldest You! Register here and we'll notify you when the journal is released.

Visit our new journal page and receive our complimentary e-book: Create Your Bravest, Boldest Life.

The creators of the Best Ever You Network and Your Life Sparkles have teamed up to bring you this inspiring 52 week journal. You’ll become your bravest, boldest you as you write about your life, values, habits and more in this year-long journal. You are the coffee in the cup of life. What are you brewing? Create your own best blend. Using our Six Principles, you will take a look at different aspects of your life. Be real with yourself, enjoy the process and keep going on the journey towards becoming your Best Ever You!

When you purchase a journal, you are invited to join our exclusive Facebook Group: BEY Bravest Boldest with free guided weekly assistance direct from Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Kris Fuller.

About Us:

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Kris Fuller are experts at helping us make changes in our lives. Both leaders are tireless champions of others, who believe in the need for the individual light within to raise the collaborative power of us and we.

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth is the CEO and founder of The Best Ever You Network, co-founder of Compliance4 and author of five books, including the Hay House book PERCOLATE: Let Your Best Self Filter Through. Specializing in mindset, strategy, leadership and change-based action, Elizabeth helps people and companies around the globe be their best.

Kris Fuller

Kris is the CEO and founder of Your Life Sparkles and the Chief Creative Officer of The Best Ever You Network. She is an author of three books, including the upcoming 2021 release Terramara: Mara’s Transformation. Kris is an inspirational speaker and host of empowerment events. She has worked in public education in Ontario, Alberta, BC and England.


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