Coach Celano and Rob Thompson - Sustaining the Momentum of Success

Rob Thompson and Coach Celano joined host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino on The Best Ever You Show. We chatted about the sandwich named after Rob, who makes the best pizza in New Haven, why apple cider donuts should probably be banned and then did actually get to success tips :) Lots of laughs and a definite day-brightener on this must-listen-to show. It's not every day you get to hang out with a Hall of Famer :)

About Coach Celano and Rob Thompson:

It's another moment on Best Ever You where we have access to outstanding coaches whose expertise applies universally. So please join us for this live radio show hour of expert power as we start to think about all we want to acheive in 2020.

Coach Celano and Rob Thompson are no strangers to the life of success at a world class level.  They'll join us to chat about their multi-faceted lives as husbands, dads, coaches, friends, business executives and more.  They'll share with us their top tenish tips for living fulfilled and successful.  Experts at collaboration and business, we'll learn several tips to fuel and maintain success at world class levels.

Coach Celano is the Head Baseball Coach of The New Haven Chargers and one of the best coaches in all of D2 baseball.  He's a coach and person that goes well beyond the wins and losses to actually care about his players and their life-long connection with him, the coaches, the program and each other.  Learn more about

Coach Celano at

Rob Thompson is a World Class business executive in the Sports Industry who has mentored or trained thousands of people. His pulse on the industry is unmatched and his wisdom is valued globally. 

Learn more about Rob Thompson here:

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