Coach Celano - One Chapter Doesn’t Write The Whole Book - It Sets Up The Ending

We always welcome Coach Chris Celano, Head Coach of The University of New Haven Baseball to our radio show!  Our Best Ever You Community agrees that any chance we have to obtain real life advice and thoughts from one of the best baseball coaches in the country, is a moment we are going take-in and pass along.  We have a moment to access wisdom from a person who sees and experiences many vantage points.

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Coach Celano joins us to chat about how a chapter doesn't write the whole book, but rather sets up the ending.  We'll hear about how moments actually don't define us, but rather, shape our future.  Drawing from experiences from many years of coaching, including a season that included over 10 cancellations due to weather, 24 losses, one very muddy bus, all sandwiched around an energetic and a never-give-up winning-mindset team, which included a season ending WIN! ( and some very muddy uniforms!!)

This show translates to life:  Life is wins and losses. Ups and downs and not every moment is the best. From making adjustments to managing stress to figuring out what to do when something just isn't shaping up to your vision and goals, to not glazing over anything....  what exactly do you do?  We'll also chat about the importance of being well-rounded, student-athletes and coaches.

For more info about Coach Celano and the Chargers, please visit: and please also check out his podcast with co-host Rob Thompson, where fact checking is completely missing and laughs are abundant.

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