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Don't worry, be happy! How a global crisis can change your way of living!

From one day/minute to another living changed through a global crisis coming

locally to your home. We often believe that nothing will change in our surrounding and only everywhere else bad things happens. But not this time. In Austria where I live daily unexpected changes arise and many people becoming worry about their standard of living. Schools are closing; shops close down; people loose their jobs and so on. The secure existence of living breaks apart. How can we react on this global and local crisis without panic, fear, unwanted reactions, anger and so on?

As I create copy/resilience strategies for different target groups, I would love to give you 3 easy, ready-to-go copy strategies in times of crisis for clear healthy decision making:

1) Grounding and get in our “chill-Zone”

Grounding with the earth is one of the most effective and easiest form of relaxation. We feel more and more in our own „relax zone“ for doing mindful decisions.

Imagine leaning against your favorite tree. Now imagine that you go slowly inside the tree trunk. Your feet grow root with the roots of the tree and you ground yourself via the tree roots deep into the Earth. Take some deep inhales and exhales and make the tree as big as you wish and feel comfortable.

„Life is not what it’s supposed to be. It’s what it is.The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.“ Virginia Satir

2) Breathe to relax

First get grounded, then put your tongue on your palate. Take a deep breath in and look up, exhale and look down. The deeper and slower the breath, the more relaxing it is. Many stressed people breathe very fast and flat. Therefore only by breathing deep and slow, you go into the relax zone.

So simple, so effective! Even in crisis! For better decisions afterwards!

3) If nothing chill-in at all – THE Ultimate Tip

There are times where no relax techniques work - for what ever reason! Only one thing helps the most: Humor in stressful times is THE ultimate resource:

Put on your clown nose (or imagine it) and „turn on the circus music“ in your head. With this possibility you change your point of view how you can see situations, people, things in life. Many begin to smile and become more quieter what is going on at the moment.

With this „new“ point of view we realize that everything we believe is currently stressing out, most of the time we cannot remember 10/20 years anyway anymore – so why bother?

Global and local crisis have one thing in common: there are new possibilities we can discover inside of us and outside for everyone else too. If we ask us also "what can I learn from this situation I see and perceive at the moment?" we can rethink our behavior, our thinking and acting towards this crisis.

For me the Corona-Virus brings people together again for re-discovering old/new values of family, friendship, helping together, humanity, good communication and finding solutions together for something greater.

„One good thought and you can fly! Two good thoughts and you change the world!"Peter Pan

I wish everybody a good health and helping hands in crisis. Together we can change for greater!

About the author:

The creative allrounder worked successfully in different working fields in Austria and abroad. By her interest in corporate communications, marketing, human resources and many other areas of business, she has appropriated an enormous amount of knowledge over the more than 35 years.

Numerous educations at international top-trainers like Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Roy Martina and Clinton Swaine. Internationally active as holistic trainer in health, nutrition and mental health with exceptional holistic resilience methods. Founder of „iMM – intuitive mentoring method and 1-min-coaching-to-go“, a further development of NLP, as well as „ORINITION® - n(fl)ourish soul.mind.body.“ – an innovative nutrition work of (re-) membering our own body intelligence.

Publisher and author of the successful award-winning book series called "First aid for..."

Successfully Master’s degree in health management with focus on public health. International PhD & research in the fields of health communication with focus on neuro/psycho linguistics combined with neuro plasticity and health economics.

Global Author Award 2018 / Nominatee NLP Award in Research 2019 in London.


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