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Double Down on You

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Good morning from beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. Wherever you are in the world, I hope your Sunday is amazing! I’ve started numerous blog posts over the last several months. And I was surprised to see I actually haven’t completed a post since the end of April. It definitely does not seem that long, but I know for some reason the last several posts I started were difficult for me. And I realized that on some level, while feel I’ve handled the changes in our times of Pandemic relatively well, this is one impact I didn’t even know I felt. Finding my thoughts, feeling their meaning, and sharing them with you. So I must start with saying thank you for being here. If you are reading this post, I am eternally grateful, and hope you find a connection in the message. And for my topic today, I want to touch on our expectation for immediate results.

How many of you have started a ‘diet’ (I don’t like that word 😉), and when the results were slow, quickly kicked it to the curb? Maybe you’ve started a self improvement plan, began a training program, and if you weren’t seeing almost perfect outcomes, maybe stepped away from it. Or even something more specific like removing soda, trying to cuss/curse less. As an aside, do you say cuss or curse? 😄 And when presented with a fork in the road, grabbed the damn soda or let the f-bomb drop with aplomb. We’ve all been there. And I generally find we expect these immediate levels of results with ourselves more than others - especially our kids. Would you expect a child to jump on a bike and ride? Immediately break out a wheelie and mad tricks. Or maybe to begin with assistance, fall a few times - maybe with some bumps and bruises, but to move towards the ability to ride as a beginner. If they wanted to become expert in riding, or add tricks, this could take years. Why don’t we hold that level of grace for ourselves.

And this is where I found myself in my self improvement plan, and felt this realization this week. As much as I guide my children to have patience for themselves. I wasn’t holding as much for myself. I admit I didn’t realize what I was feeling and experiencing. And that’s ok too. Part of the growth process is discovery. A portion of our shared adventure may be rooted in delay, sometimes in failure. And it’s our ability to recognize the rut, celebrate failures, that helps us inch closer to our desired outcomes. Even if it’s a slow trod, it is so incredibly worth it.

Maybe the question becomes then, as they say, even when the fields aren’t yielding crops, even when rain isn’t feeding the soil, how do we keep planting? Here are my thoughts on keeping the course, and doubling down on ourselves.

1) Break your big picture goals down to chunks - This may feel obvious. But many of us set goals, set ‘resolutions’ with a focus strictly on the end game. It’s so important to identify the destination. But don’t forget to lay out your map. What are you going to accomplish each week? When appropriate, break it up into daily objectives.

2) Self reflection and journaling - Take notes after big meetings. Write down your thoughts, daily and weekly and assess your progress. The objective isn’t to stop learning, it’s to adjust and not give up.

3) Don’t be afraid to switch gears - Of course the idea is to just keep swimming. I may have wanted to finish and release this blog yesterday. And having to push it aside for a moment, and completely switching lanes are different things. Our goals and desires change, be honest with yourself. And if you’re chasing something that doesn’t create passion for you, move on.

4) Celebrate every step, even failures and missteps - We all make mistakes. In sales, in writing, any career, there may be a ton of no’s before you hear a yes. When you get those no’s, and we will, celebrate the experience. Take note of what you learned, and take gratitude in being one step closer to your goal.

When I decided to make a healthy change in my life, knowing I couldn’t continue to carry an extra fifty pounds, of course I eventually plateaued. I started by cutting out soda/carbonated beverages, and white/processed four, salt and sugar. I started at the gym, and saw some results. And eventually stalled closer to my starting point than my desired goal. I could have given up, or broken down and went for the supersized combo meal. I assessed my progress, and looked at what was working and what wasn’t. I doubled down on the change in lifestyle, my approach to food and my approach to the gym. Today, I’m happier and healthier than I have been in years. And that’s what I wish for you!

I’d love your feedback on this and any of my posts. I am always available for discussion offline. Initial 30 minute coaching sessions are always free. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. Have a beautiful rest of your Sunday and incredible week ahead. Sending you love, light and laughter ❤️🙏


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