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Element Boston Seaport - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Services

Updated: Apr 26

My husband and I carefully think about what hotel to stay at when we travel with or without our children and when we travel for business. A hotel can make or break that vision you have in your mind for how things are going to go, that place you've always wanted to go to or share with your kids, the quiet relaxing break you need, or even how you feel when out of town on business. Some hotels make you feel like you are comfortable and at home and The Element Boston Seaport does this and so much more.

The Element Boston Seaport, has a tone and setting that is so incredibly pleasant and warm, my husband was actually bummed he had to leave the hotel to go to work this morning. On the other hand, I'm all relaxed, just sitting here peacefully on the couch in our room, watching it snow out the huge window, writing about this hotel. It's just beautiful and this has been a wonderful, relaxing break for us.

From the moment you step in The Element Boston Seaport you are welcomed.

It's is just lovely in so many ways and we're thankful we've had the opportunity to experience it and now share it with you. It's a perfect setting for a family stay, the business traveler, the romantic getaway or for a business meeting. Those four things, to us, are very hard for one hotel to accomplish so everyone is happy!!

Location, Location, Location!

The hotel is located in the Seaport area of Boston. Boston to us, with or without work, is one of those very special places where memories are made and history is learned. It's a place you never forget in your heart and always love. This hotel goes hand-in-hand with that experience.

You could very easily bring your family with children here to this hotel and have a blast here and with all of the surrounding attractions. The Element Boston Seaport hotel is located less than three miles from Boston Logan International Airport and minutes from the best of downtown Boston. The Boston Children's Museum, to the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, the Boston Aquarium, Boston Tea Party and Ships Museum and more are all located so close to the hotel. The hotel website has a "Things to do in Boston" tab that is very easy to use and you can see exactly how close or far away attractions and events are to you. There is a Boston Tea Party Package that is also available. On December 16, 2016, the Boston Tea Party comes to life. Enjoy this historical reenactment at the Old South Meeting House, where 243 years ago, colonists debated on the tea tax. Follow the live processional to the waterfront and witness the Sons of Liberty destroy 220 pounds of tea in the Boston Harbor. All tea is provided by the East India Trading Company, the same company that supplied the tea during the original Boston Tea Party.


If you are driving to the hotel, parking is also very very easy at this hotel and there is plenty of room to park. You won't be circling in traffic or fighting for parking spaces. The lot is open and huge.

Babies, Toddlers, Tweens, Teens

It's hard for me to write about a hotel and not think about how the children (whether babies or teens, college or young adults) are accommodated. I'm a mom of four boys who are now 21, 19, 17 and 15 and when they were much smaller, traveling with them and us as a group was an incredible challenge if we we didn't select the right hotel. (Picture four boys ages 2-4-6-8 in a hotel. I know- sometimes it was just easier to stay home!)

Both of us said, "I wish this type of hotel had been around when the kids were younger, it would have been perfect!!" I think some of the guests are discovering this also. I sat down in the lobby area and food area to just observe who was there. Several moms with new babies were very content. It's Monday and school is in motion, so I didn't see school-age children and families, but want to assure you that every possible amenity is here to accommodate children to perfection.

Your Room

The room comes equipped with a full kitchen and the kitchen sink has a filtered water tap. Hotels with kitchens are special places to me. Personally, I have food allergies, so it can be hard to travel when there isn't a kitchen handy. But also, when you travel with kids, we think a kitchen is essential. Eating out with tired kids is not always fun and a place for a quick dinner or storing food is so helpful.

I tweeted out that I was at a hotel with a full kitchen and received a response from fitness guru & Visibly Fit Owner, Wendie Pett, who adds, " Healthy eating is more than possible when traveling if you choose the right hotel. One with a full kitchen keeps you in the "no excuse zone" as it enables you to prepare and cook for your best health. Just grab a few staple groceries at the nearest grocery store and you're all set. No need to worry about where to eat and what to eat."

I couldn't agree with Wendie more, especially with some of the dining restrictions I have!

I also think the filtered water tap in the kitchen is brilliant. (I may say that a few more times. Usually we arrive at our destination and my husband goes to the store for a case of water or we are carrying a case we brought up to the room.)

Here are a few pictures I took of the kitchen and filtered water tap.

Again, the filtered water tap is a brilliant idea. I don't know of very many people who brave drinking the tap water when they travel. It was a pleasant surprise and huge relief to not go searching to buy bottled water or buy expensive water from the room.

Our room had a living room area with a couch, desk area and then a clever roll out kitchen table and chairs. The kitchen comes with upscale and well-thought through pans, bowls, utensils, cups, etc.. and the room also has a coffee maker and a lot of tea selections. There is a stove, microwave, dishwasher and full-side refrigerator. Each room has a signature Heavenly® Bed, spa-inspired bathrooms with rainfall showerheads and all natural bath amenities, and fully-equipped kitchens with ENERGY STAR® rated appliances.


Worried about WiFi? It works perfectly also. Complimentary, speedy and free. No lag, no wait, no frustration logging on whatsoever. That right there will calm any, anxious to be on the internet, child right down.

Free Amazing Breakfast

There is a huge free breakfast - Rise/Breakfast Bar. This is not your usual free hotel breakfast either. This one has sausage and egg muffins and other hot, well-made items. I believe my husband tried one of each thing and said he wasn't eating the rest of the day, lol!

The oatmeal bar was incredible too. It was a massive area for seating and tons of choices for food and drinks. The hotel also has this futuristic-amazing coffee/latte free all-day machine. A gal was coming out of the hotel yesterday as we were walking out and she was raving about it, so we went back in to find it and can share her enthusiasm and then some :)

Pool and Exercise Areas

In the Northeast, we're huge fans of hotels that have indoor, warm pools and clean well-lit exercise facilities. The Element Boston Seaport has a pool that is not only warm, but also saline. The Fitness Center is impeccable. The exercise facility is clean, well-lit and the machines all are top-end, well-cared for and are new.

Meeting Room and Outside Reception Area

We were not here for business this time around. However, in looking at things from a Corporate viewpoint, this space also lends itself very well for a corporate meeting and reception area. I could see myself selecting this location for a meeting because of the ability to focus as well as relax because the tone, setting and hospitality are already so trustworthy and inviting. It's definitely a space a business could trust.


(Outside meeting space) This outside space is also a great place for families and guests to enjoy and is situated between the lobby and the pool areas.

So, whether you are visiting for business, for vacation or for a beautiful getaway, The Element Boston Seaport has you, your well-being and your best-interests all cared for in an impeccable, eco-friendly, homestyle setting! Thank you for the opportunity to stay with your hotel and visit with your amazing staff.

Love, Elizabeth

ps- My husband says the towels are luxurious!!


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