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The Good Stuff - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 25

Elizabeth's Note: At long last - a men's shaving solution!! Our family thinks this should be renamed to The Best Stuff. We're a household of 6, which includes four brothers ages 15-22 and dad. (I didn't test.) All five said the same thing, "This is the Best Stuff!" Provides a very close shave without irritation. Our household orders products from The Good Stuff and razors from Dollar Shave Club Plan to now have the best blades with the best shaving products.

The Good Stuff, is a monthly shaving subscription bringing the best shave into your home each and every day. Founded by real barbers with over 140 years of combined experience, we want you to stop obsessing over the razor because it’s all in the cream!

We feel our family has a unique situation to be able to see and use this product from various ages and viewpoints. From a frustrated, somewhat inexperienced 15 year-old searching what doesn't make his face burn and get irritated after shaving to a 59 year-old dad who has a very thick graying beard who also has the same issues for years. Overall, we have five in the house or at college who essentially always gripe about shaving and how irritating it is. Beards were growing longer until we discovered The Good Stuff! (There is also a mom who steals razors, but since that is me, we'll just table that conversation for another blog.)

Anyway, these product works like a charm. Complaints gone. We must note we also changed razors to The Dollar Shave Club and it's there where I started to mooch razors. In a perfect world, our family wishes these two companies would combine.

They have a 3 word philosophy, Keep It Simple, which defines their premium line of products, which includes Shave Lather for the utmost lubrication, Aftershave to infuse nourishment into your skin and our One Of A Kind formula for sensitive skin types. The secret sauce is all about glide and reducing friction to give a man the greatest shave ever, regardless of the blade. Old blades will last longer too!

Keep up with the times and discover why the recipe for the perfect barbershop shave is all about the glide. Get a great shave delivered right to your door with The Good Stuff. Putting your best face forward is simple with The Good Stuff!


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