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Tooletries - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 28

Elizabeth's Note: Ordinarily I would hesitate to hang things up in the shower because they always fall down. I didn't with this and guess what, weeks and weeks later, it's still perfectly in place. We also added them to our sons' showers. Also, my parents received a sample of this from me and my dad is disabled. This is a very helpful product in the shower for him, especially since it isn't sharp or heavy. Brilliant design - Brilliant Product! Love, Elizabeth

Founded by two brothers, Tooletries is an Australian company based out of LA that specializes in innovative bathroom and travel accessories that all globetrotters, jet-setters and the highly organized have found beneficial to their lifestyles. Made from 100% silicone, Tooletries’ Mighty collection offers modern bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders that feature a material technology called Aussie Grip Technology. This nifty technology allows Tooletries products to be sturdy, non-slip, and reusable so you can peel and stick at anywhere you go.

The Mighty collection doesn’t require adhesives, suction cups, or any permanent mounts. With its ingenious Aussie Grip technology, all Mighty accessories easily stick to shiny surfaces, such as glass, mirror and tile. Its modular design gives all three products the ability to jigsaw above and next to each other creating a “mighty” combo.

Perfect for everyday use, the following products will organize your bathroom while giving it style. Tooletries products can be used in the shower, above the bathroom sink, at hotels, dorm rooms, etc.

Mighty Toothbrush Holder $14.99 - The ultimate traveling must have! Combines a toothbrush holder, razor jack, jewelry dish and compact shower caddy.

  • Mighty Mirror $12.99 - Anti-fog shower mirror made from 100% silicone and polycarbonate shatterproof mirror makes grooming and beauty routines easy

  • Mighty Razor Holder $6.99 - Lightweight and compact, this silicone razor holder will keep your grooming utensil in a secure and safe place. Fits all razor types and sizes.

TOOLETRIES’ innovative design and vibrant colors give a tasteful, aesthetic appeal to any bathroom setting. Its powerful Aussie Grip is durable and guarantees that these products won’t slide or fall off. All Mighty products are waterproof and dishwasher safe making cleaning easy.

The Mighty collection can be purchased on, or you can locate products from Bed, Bath & Beyond, PUBLIX and smaller independent retailers.


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