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Featuring You - Vicki Fischer - Celebrity Make-up Artist

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview national make-up artist Vicki Fischer. Vicki is the key make-up artist for public television's national series, Sewing with Nancy. She is Nancy's personal makeup artist, as well as the show's voice over announcer and has been for the past 19 years. Vicki worked as a make-up artist in the makeup department for the movie “Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp. She is a key make-up artist for SKINN cosmetics. Vicki's 30 years of working in the entertainment field, on both sides of the camera, has earned her an impressive list of credits. In this interview we talk about make-up artistry in general. Vicki gives us tips on looking younger & better at any age, as well as shares her must-have beauty products & more.

What is makeup artistry?

Vicki: That’s a great question because makeup and its use are defined in many different ways. In theater, it allows the actors to create the many characters they portray, to be seen in a more defined manner from a well-lit stage. It’s used on television, in films and print, as well, to achieve a finished look under the various lighting mediums that are needed.

Now with the arrival of HDTV, the techniques may remain the same, but there are a few new rules regarding product and application that have makeup artists experimenting with new textures and how they are applied. The air brush is popular, and mineral powders are getting positive reviews, but the bottom line is that the age of HDTV has ushered in a “what you see is what you get” issue for the makeup artist to contend with.

The reality of the large screen TV in high definition format is that it’s just not very forgiving! As a result a more natural approach to makeup application is more important than ever!

How does this affect the average consumer?

Vicki: I believe that we are in the right place at the right time! Most of us don’t have the stress of worrying about our on camera close up shots, but with the new technology that is available, we are able to not only look better than ever, but allow our natural beauty to take center stage.

This has always been my approach to makeup application and goal as a camera ready makeup artist. My philosophy regarding makeup is that there is really no right or wrong, but instead, finding what works for you, and adapting it to your personal needs. As a result, as the fads come and go you will always be able to modify “what’s in” to suit your needs. That being said, over the years, I’ve found some techniques that work on almost everyone.

You must remember makeup artistry is not just applying a lot of makeup to cover the face. It is strategically using a product to even the skin tone then subtly balancing the face with the use of cosmetics, by utilizing the art of highlighting and contouring.

The skill of a good makeup artist is their expertise to be able to assess the person they are working on and do all of the above while keeping a natural look.

What tips do you have for looking younger?

Vicki: This is the number one question I am asked by every person who sits in my chair! We are so inundated with beauty relating to youth, that I believe we often forget that our beauty really comes from within.

With just a few little “tricks of the trade”, and a regular skin care regime, a person can truly look at themselves and feel more confident as they begin to like what they see! In reality, when they like what they are seeing it’s the inner beauty that’s looking back at them!

Where do you start?

Vicki: Skin care! It’s that simple, and will be the best habit you’ve ever gotten into!

I like to use products that actually are treatment for the skin, and also act as makeup. Not only are you reviving your skin but getting you the glamour results as well!

On a thoroughly clean face apply a lift serum. I use SKINN’s Nutri-Lift Day Time Ultra Lifting Serum then use a SKINN’s Crease Release Day Cream. This imparts a youthful firming feel and look to the skin. I then mist the face with SKINN’s Pure Energy Replenishing Mineral Bath. Mist throughout the day to keeping an enviable youthful glow.

Now, I light up the face by creating the shape of an angel right in the center of the face with SKINN’s Absolute Perfection Collagen Face Brightener. It’s easy! Using a soft concealer brush, apply it between the eyebrows where that 11’s from frowning & stress appear, under each eye like wings, along the sides of the nose, mouth, and under the lower lip lifting up slightly at the corners of the mouth.

This “Vicki’s angel” softens the shadows that become more evident as a person ages! Blend softly and with this illumination you’ll actually need to use less foundation! I’ve found this “angel” gets the most positive responses from my clients. You can lightly layer more products in areas if needed, but always blend for a seamless finish.

Pull your look together with a neutral eye shadow and soft smudged eyeliner and mascara. Sun kiss your face with a soft bronzer. Using a kabuki brush, apply it on the forehead, across nose, cheeks, chin, and décolleté, if needed. Take your favorite lip color and add some gloss to create a sheer natural Lip. Just for fun, put just a dot of your lipstick on the apple of your cheeks and blend!

Now take a look at yourself! That youthful healthy glow is timeless and goes with everything!

Do you have any other advice for our readers?

Vicki: Absolutely! Remember cosmetic application is subjective. Continue to learn, experiment, and use what works for you!

Little changes can make a big difference, and more than anything, have fun! Makeup is a never ending adventure.


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