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Get Your MIND in Shape to get your BODY in Shape

We don’t tend to think that getting in shape is a sport, but for those of us who don’t want to fit into yesterday’s outfit—or the newest look—it sure is.

And I’m not talking about garb for a couch-potato.

You might not be aware of the fact, but energy medicine has a lot to offer the recliner-competitor who wants to turn into an athletic-contender. It can help you get your mind in shape to get your body in shape.

I’m going to explain how all-things energy can improve your form—at all levels.

Let’s start with the basic premise, which Albert Einstein and other geniuses established as true eons ago. Everything is composed of energy, which is “information that moves.” For instance, the data in your coffee differentiates a café au lait from a straight-up black. The vibration of the molecules in your mug makes the java cold or hot brewed.

When we focus on goals like lifting weights, toning muscle, and slimming down, we usually focus on the physical attributes of energy. A good part of all energy is physical, or measurable and concrete. However, there are two types of energy, and less than one percent is physical.

That’s right. The other type of energy, which constitutes nearly 100 percent of all energy is subtle. Subtle energies aren’t weak, although the name implies it. In truth, subtle energies organize physical energies. That means that most of what appears in 3-D reality—including whatever muffin top lies around your middle—is there because of the programming contained in subtle energy.

Subtle energy is mainly managed by consciousness, or focused awareness. The more popular term for this action is intention. It seems rather lame to think that you can change your body, and change your life, by being intentional, but it’s quite true. First, let me explain how physical reality can be altered with mental effort, which is a form of consciousness.

Subtle energy is best explained by quantum physics. Quanta are the smallest known wave-particles in the universe, and they are super tiny. As I explore in relation to the body and sportiness in my book, Energy Work for the Everyday to Elite Athlete, which is the source of the data in this article, these subtle mighty-morphins are regulated by very strange rules, to include these:

n They only become concrete when observed. The winter-you in the mirror? That’s a product of quanta made real by factors including your self-image. If you alter your self-image, you can steadily transform the mirror-self.

n They can jump from one state to another, therefore altering reality. This means that no matter how stuck a situation seems, it can be shifted.

n They obey something called the Uncertainty Principle. It’s super complicated, but it basically says that we can’t know everything about something all at once. Your thoughts can give you a complete picture of reality—but you can use a tool like positivity to keep increasing what you desire. In simple terms, positivity counts.

Consider that way back in 1995, in the non-sporty world, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, called Guruji, could alter physical reality with simple blessings. For a few minutes, he’d focus on a situation, and it would improve. He even bolstered yields in a chickpea plot 350 percent over control yields.

In line with this result, several scientific studies are moving us closer to the 50-yard line and the power of intentionality, in which consciousness could be seen to direct subtle energies, which in turn, help organize physical energies. Included in the body of evidence is a study at the Cleveland Clinic which discovered that participants could strengthen muscles just by visualizing a physical movement. While gym rats increased their muscle-strength by 30 percent, individuals who merely visualized their work outs bettered their muscular strength by 13.5 percent.

It pays to combine the mental and physical. By joining physical action with mental focus, you can cut your actual practice hours in half. That conclusion applies to performance, not only practice.

You can use upbeat focus to enable better food choices too.

We know that food influences mood, but the opposite is also true, individuals making food choices while embracing attributes such as optimism and gratitude make healthier food choices. That’s how the placebo effect work. By believing a positive outcome will occur, you’re far more likely to experience that result—even if you don’t believe in the placebo effect. The nocebo effect has also been proven. If you think something will have a negative impact, it most likely will.

What ways would I suggest you start steering your subtle energies so you can better spring into spring—and the summer? Here are a few ideas.

1. Tell yourself that your everyday movements are exercise. Yup, when you’re lifting a fork, imagine that it is as heavy as a forklift! One particularly interesting study that I read years ago found that by simply telling hotel maids that their everyday work was “exercise,” in just one week, they reported decreased blood pressure, body fat, and body mass, within just one week.

2. Hold spiritual qualities in your heart. That’s right. Self-love will automate your choices. Get in shape with mantras like hope, love, and gratitude. There is truly a subtle science to this idea. Every time pressure is produced in the body, such as when your heart beats, phonons are produced. These are tiny quantum energies that arise from atoms oscillating or moving in a crystal. If you are focused on positive qualities, the resulting phonons will bring positive messages throughout your body and greatly improve your health.

3. Visualize. That’s right. Three times a day, look in the mirror. See yourself as you desire to be, even while you love yourself as you are. Then get busy visualizing an activity. Running, lifting, flexing…if you move a little while exercising in your imagination, you’ll get in shape even faster!

Bottom line, know that what you focus on will expand. Stream those subtle energies toward a svelte and shapely you, and that is what will emerge.

Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant. She is president of Life Systems Services, through which she has assisted over 70,000 clients and students and presented training classes throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Cyndi is the author of nearly thirty books, including Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras, The Spiritual Power of Empathy, and Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Visit her at

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