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GLOBAL UNITY, Moving From Me to We

As I watched the opening of the Olympics recently, I could feel the high-level, vibrating message of inclusivity, unity, and harmony among everyone in the world exploding at the event. It was touching, funny, important, elevated, clever and most of all global. Every nation, each person, all colors, and races were acknowledged. The Olympics has the power to do that, and so do we.

When I published my blog on the environment in Real Conscious Living in 2019, I pondered what would bring us all together to “save the world.” What I knew for sure is that it would take a village. Then yesterday, I saw a photo from Australia showing the heavy rains and flooding that took away many people’s homes and livelihoods. The image showed thousands of spiders building webs together so that they could stay above water and survive as a group. There were so many spiders, all helping one another, building community webs and threads of connection for a joint purpose. They had abandoned their own webs in crisis so that the group could survive, and they would all benefit from their unity. The impact was so great that the silky webs appeared to be like layers of pristine snow hovering just about the flooded ground.

Australia’s environmental event, attributed to global warming, activated the spider community. Their sharing of resources reminded me of the common elements that unite us. Beyond our own humanity, the air, the earth, and the water are the things we all have in common, regardless of any individual differences. They provide the things that every individual requires for life, regardless of race, profession, location or beliefs. These earth elements and are foundations for everything that happens next. They sustain all of our villages and in doing so, ourselves as individuals.

I can feel the next activation of my purpose and dreams bubbling up in me right now! And it is global. It’s time to stay attuned. What’s your global mission; what happens next for you and your village?

Dr. Nancy Mramor, psychologist, is an award-winning author. You can find more information at


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