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Go Getter Girl - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 21

We are very proud to issue our Best Ever You Gold Seal of Excellence to Go Getter Girl for their exceptional planners.

"These planners have all the bells and whistles to make planning not only useful, but fun. These help keep you on track to be your best and live your best life and are great for all ages! These really resonated well with our college testers." - Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, CEO of The Best Ever You Network.

With daily, weekly and monthly pages, along with vision boards and areas for personal development, Go Getter Girl’s only wish is that you make the commitment to yourself to align your thoughts, tasks, goals and dreams and do so in an incredibly cute and stylish fashion.

Unique to the planner market, Go Getter Girl signature planners actually are not yearly planners but instead built for 6 months of amazing and fulfilling planning. Why, you ask? Since they include SO much value and all of the bells and whistles, they want to keep the size and thickness approachable, and also know the ladies love to change up their style after a few months! Featuring the highest quality paper (125 gsm bleed-resistant to be exact), wire bindings, and custom colored buttery covers and finishes.

Signature 5-in-1 Planner ($64.00): Meet the 5-in-1 format, with all the goodies you need in ONE place. Waking up every day is a gift, and each day starts with you. Find all of your scheduling needs while also working on yourself everyday. ⁣This planner includes a spacious custom daily spread, beautiful weekly and monthly spreads for all of your prioritizing and scheduling needs!

Undated Everyday Planner ($59.00): The GoGetterGirl Everyday is the newest book-bound planner that will help you stay organized while planning your schedule, goals, and biggest dreams. She is compact, for someone who loves her daily spreads, hence her name: Everyday! The quality of the book-bound planners is something the team is really proud of and they open completely flat, making it extremely easy to use!

NEW GoGetter Notebooks($30.00+): GoGetterGirl does not only have daily planners, they also have a whole new line of vegan leather premium notebooks and journals, and trust me...they aren’t your AVERAGE notebook! They offer both a bullet, a dot grid layout and lined notebooks that are handcrafted and created specifically to motivate women to want to open them, use them, and focus on themselves and their dreams, daily. They’re custom embossed, using a 160 gsm paper, to make them bleed resistance against many different mediums to allow for full creativity, and the highest quality. GGG fans love the custom snap closures.

More About Go-Getter:

Founder Rach Marie is ALL about going after big ideas, in fact, that is the essence of Go Getter Girl. 3 years ago, despite her family’s disapproval, she quit her full time psychology job, quit her masters and decided to go full time into her online coaching business. Within a year, she was pulling in high 6 figures and mentoring dozens of people in need. On top of that, she launched Go Getter Girl in February 2020, at the beginning of a global pandemic no less, and in a matter of 8 months, sold over 3000 planners. Rach Marie is the embodiment of a “go getter” and is hell bent on helping others achieve their biggest goals and dreams. Visit for additional planners, notebooks, journals and more. And don’t forget to become besties on Instagram & Facebook!


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