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How Choosing Ease, Peace & Joy Naturally Attracts Those Types of People into Your Life

Unless you live in a bubble, how you live, be, and behave affects others around you – people with whom you live and work, people whose paths you cross every day, to people you see only once. As John Donne wrote in 1624, “No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main.” Clearly this is not a new concept. I think, though we forget it sometimes and do not realize how much what we choose creates what surrounds us.

Have you ever noticed that when you are particularly happy and joyful about something and go for a walk or to do some shopping, etc., people respond to your joy and smile with you? What if you chose to be that joy and peace everywhere? Can you imagine how that would change your day? (never mind everyone else’s) As the old song says, ‘smile and the world smiles with you.’ You can use that to change your world and attract other ‘smilers.’

You have to BE what you’re asking to attract. When you, yourself, are being ease, peace and joy you invite and engage others to choose the same. YOU can be the source of ease, peace and joy without having to find it outside of you. Being that naturally attracts those types of people like the cream rising to the top.

Another truism we hear is ‘your point of view creates your reality.’ If your point of view is that you are an ‘island’ and there’s no one to play with like you – well, that is what you will experience. May I suggest you practice being ease, peace and joy wherever you are (even if you are alone) and that is what you will start to create and realize and attract? Does that seem too simplistic? It might be fun, wink wink.

I have a friend who conducts a community choir and orchestra. He got to the place where he grumbled before every rehearsal and complained about the attitude of the members and the board of directors and the lack of commitment, etc., while declaring every week he was going to quit. His wife asked him if he would consider asking himself some questions about his points of view and if he could possibly be part of creating the disgruntlement and lack of commitment and if there was anything, he could change that would improve the situation. He is a very intelligent, creative person and so he asked some questions and examined his points of view. What do you think happened? He is now choosing ease, peace and joy and so is the organization! And they are all having fun!

What is the kind of life you would like to live? The more clarity you are willing to have about that, with room for change, the more of those who can help you have that, will find you - with ease and joy. What do you know? They might be asking for it too. As and when you get a sense of what lights you up, makes you smile, choose it. If you didn't have to know the "how" right away what would you allow yourself to choose? What if you could let it unravel, unveil as your adventure of living? If you don't like it, choose again. Being the energy of how you desire to live, rather than putting it in the future - 'one day, some day - is the quickest, easiest, most fun way to have it and attract those who light up your world.

We often think we can ask it only once. What if it's a daily ask? As more and more of it becomes your life, you will find yourself asking for more. Don't stop. Keep going...

And finally, ask: ‘where are the people that I can play with?’ Or ‘where are my peeps?’ We hear from many sources, including the Bible, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ Have you asked to be surrounded with other people who choose ease, peace and joy? Have you asked for joyful people to work and play with? Do you have anything to lose by asking? Ask away! Enjoy the results (and let me know!)

Eena Basur is a communications expert, business owner, and best-selling author. She is an international speaker and has been involved in the creation and scaling up of many businesses and products in a range of industries, with clients worldwide. She co-founded The Earth Home with her partner, Adreesh Chakraborty, and brings 20 years of communication and brand design and strategy experience from diverse projects in theater, puppetry, music, animation, photography, film, television, digital, phone apps, installations, murals, packaging, products, spaces, businesses and energy. The Earth Home supports people to create joyful living and working spaces with services in interior design, architecture, handcrafted furniture, brand design and business development. She is also an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Right Voice for You Facilitator. She supports individuals and businesses worldwide to create beyond their perceived limitations by entering space of limitless possibilities. She is a proud advocate and participant in benevolent capitalism, a movement that believes in organic business growth whilst wishing well for all.


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