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How Do You and I Stay Connected?

I’m asking you how we stay connected, and you may say, “To what?” Good question. Connections come in all forms. Social media has changed the way we connect. My blogs and podcasts are a prime example.

Who ever heard of analytics? I suppose if you have a background in engineering it may be a familiar word.

When I think about my “Marsha World” I’ve come to realize that with a click of a button, we are connected. It’s just that simple. Whether you are a regular or irregular Facebook user, follower, or circulating like a helicopter, we can reach out and communicate.

Twitter, isn’t that the perfect description of a quick tweet? As a self-proclaimed bird fancier, Twitter just identifies another way to connect. Now, the dilemma for me, “The Queen of Talking”, how do I convey my thoughts in 140 characters including a photo?

Let’s not forget Instagram, a quick way to connect through photography!

I wrote this original blog in 2016. (Nothing has changed 5 years later!) I’m hoping to increase my visibility in connecting with others. It’s a human need, in my opinion, to connect. I understand the difference between public and private. Between introverted and extroverted, between wanting to share and wishing no one would notice you.

When I grab my camera and head outdoors, it is yet another way for me to connect. I’ve really embraced this creative side of myself. Sometimes my camera sees things I didn’t even realize until I look at the photo!

Then of course there’s the radio show, now podcast. This is the ultimate connection for me.

Born To Talk truly describes me.

When I add my tag line of Conversations + Connections = Community, it’s easy to understand the formula of how I live my life. Do I communicate it well? Am I connected? Who is my community?

I say, let’s stay connected. Let me hear from you. Tell me what you’ve enjoyed about these blogs and my podcasts for the past 6 years. I welcome your feedback.

I’ll do my best to keep our connections wide open. Thanks for being a part of my greater community as I enter year 7 as the host of the weekly Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. That’s my Story, what’s YOURS?


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