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ICI's Sarah Holden & Shelly Antoniewicz - Retirement Insight & Fund Investment Trends

Please join host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino with ICI's Sarah Holden and Shelly Antoniewicz on July 25th at 10am eastern. Please call us at 646-787-8537 or click to listen live or on free replays.

Learn smart ways to make the most of your retirement savings plan and get the latest on what other investors are doing when it comes to mutual funds and exchange trade funds (ETFs). I’ll talk to two industry mavens from the Investment Company Institute.

First, Sarah Holden, a nationally known retirement maven and Ph.D. economist who leads ICI’s retirement and investor research, will share insights on building your retirement nest through…

* Investing in your 401(k), and preserving your nest egg when changing jobs or retiring.

* Maximizing savings by taking advantage of opportunities outside the workplace, including individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

* Understanding your investment options, including target date funds, domestic and international equity funds, and domestic and international bond funds.

* And she’ll talk about the similarities and differences between generations of savers from baby boomers to millennials, touching on the growing rollover trend from 401(ks) to IRAs as boomers enter retirement.

Then, ICI Senior Director for Financial and Industry Analysis Shelly Antoniewicz will join me. Shelly has her finger on the pulse of fund investment and she’ll offer the latest on where fund investor money is headed in today’s financial markets, including…

* What to know about bond funds in a rising interest rate environment.

* Trends in equity fund investment.

* How American fund investors are increasingly thinking global.

* And touch on what to keep in mind for those times when markets get bumpy.

For More Information:

Twitter: @ICI


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