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Is your body divorcing you?

Photo by Le Minh Phuong

Is your body divorcing you, or are you divorcing your body?

People are often critical and stressed out about their body, about their life, about money, about their relationships – pretty much about everything! The result can be bottled up emotions, traumatic recall of past incidents or sadness – all of which is stored within the body! Over time, this could lead to frustration that the body is not cooperating in a way a person wants it to.

If you were spent a lot of time around a person who treated you badly, complained non-stop about problems in their life, or were super-critical of you – how much would you enjoy being with that person? One would probably look for ways to rid that person from their life, or to find a way to escape from them! Yet, we often do exactly this to our own bodies, and then we wonder why our body is not listening to us.

What else is possible in your relationship with your body that you have not yet imagined possible? Have you considered that your body is trying to communicate with you? Are you listening to it? Is your body divorcing you or are you divorcing your body?

Here are some tools that could help rekindle your relationship with your own body:

Your point of view creates your reality. Reality does not create your point of view.

I once went for an eye check-up and something in the conversation with the doctor made me decide I had astigmatism, as there was the evidence of mild blurring of the eyes! A year later, I had another eye check-up after which the same doctor exclaimed “You have astigmatism!”. I responded “Doc, I thought you said I had it last year!”. She then proceeded to show me the details of the previous year’s tests where it was clear that I had no astigmatism! For an entire year I had been telling my body and people around me that I had astigmatism when I had none, and then I proved myself right! I actually found it funny.

Well, if I created astigmatism when I did not have it, I was clear I could undo or reverse it too. I could do it by choosing a different point of view that could work for me and my body. Right now, my eye sight has improved so much I can read small print with more ease and no spectacles.

Sometimes we just need to put our point of view into check. This is not always the case, but sometimes it is simple our POV.

Give up judging your body

People judge other people’s body and their own body too. Judging the physical appearance of another’s body or our own, is not being kind to the body. When you commit to give up the judgment of your body, your body begins to trust that you care about it. Maybe you’re the kindness your body is craving.

Most of your thoughts are not yours

Your body is very aware. What if your body is like a sensor that senses its environment and tells you what is up with your colleagues, your mom, your neighbor and the rest of the world? Just ask your body, “Is this ours or someone else’s?” If its someone else’s, you can just tell your body – “Thank you for letting me know what is going on for other people.” And leave it there. Don’t own it if it’s not yours.

Your body is not a trash bin

A few years ago, I experienced a lot of body pain and low confidence due to my health issues. When I asked my body what it was, my body clearly told me that it was fed up with the stress I had stored in it. There was hurt, anger, upset of past incidents – things that I could not let go of that I was storing up inside of myself, and as a result, my relationship with my body was at an all-time low.

We often store physical items we require on the shelves, in the cabinets of the house. Anything you recall, good or bad, is stored in your body. Like most people, as I grew up I was not taught tips, tricks or tools to let go the past. My way to deal with hurt or upset was to bottle it up! My body was ready to explode with the way I had stocked up stuff within the body.

Healing your body

When my body was telling me in its own way that it was fed up with me and my stressed-up ways, I knew I had to mend my relationship with it. I could not pretend with my body that I knew how to take care of it. I finally told my body “Hey, I got what you said. I honestly don’t know how to take care of you. Could you please teach me in a way that I can get it?” Over the next two years, I reworked my relationship with myself. And this time I was willing to listen. I would turn up at classes that would bring greater ease to me and my body. If I allowed my body to rest without judging the need to rest, I would be rewarded with more energy and greater connectivity with the body. And often more money too!

What if our body knows how to heal itself and what if we could allow the body to heal itself?

What is wrong with my body?

Never ask this question. When you ask what is wrong with it, you will continuously notice whatever is wrong with it. Instead, start to ask, “What is right with my body that I am not getting?”

Your relationship with your body is not a one-time effort. What if it is a journey? Would you like to restart a new journey with your body today?

Deepa Ramaraj is a life coach, wealth creation mentor, computer science engineer and facilitator for several specialty programs by Access Consciousness®, including Being You. Deepa facilitates workshops for corporate companies to boost sales, to dissolve interpersonal or inter-departmental challenges and to transform the way business is done. She also conducts workshops for individuals about how to receive more money, reduce stress, have better relationships, improve health and up-skill as a parent. Follow Deepa.

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