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Join us at the Women Who Lead Summit

Hello Best Ever You Community!

Several of us are speaking at the Women Who Lead Conference and we'd like to invite you to join us. Here is your free ticket:

The Best Ever You Network's Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Kris M. Fuller, Dr. Margaret Paul & Sally Huss are among the speakers.

The "Women Who Lead" Summit and it is unlike any other summit you've been to. This summit is for the woman who is ready to unlock her confidence, create breakthrough and really access that next level of leadership in her life & business.

Just to get you excited, here are some of the topics:

*Uncovering the formula to unlocking your confidence. *Never struggle with, or fake confidence again. *Owning who you are and the passions that drive you. *Unlocking the power of your unconscious mind so that you can finally release those limiting beliefs once & for all. *The 7 secrets to overcoming Self-Sabotage *How to be a healed & empowered leader who helps to heal & empower other leaders *Embodying your inner CEO *Creating a “Get to It” mindset.

That's just a small fraction of the magic that is going to happen. Second best part, It's FREE to attend. That's right, absolutely FREE.

So, just click this link >> << to JOIN NOW!!

I wanna see you in the front row. Don't miss out.

From Ashley Ingram, Event Owner & Organizer

"Not only are these amazing souls some badass speakers, they're also here to facilitate transformational healing. Why is this so important?

What happens outside of us is always in direct correlation to what's happening within us. The things we don't deal with or heal from will always be where we navigate from. Chances are, if you're feeling stuck, lost, amiss, overwhelmed, any of those, you're not dealing with something inside of you. You cannot get past healing. You cannot shortcut this so I wanted to introduce healing in my summit to not only give you tangible tools for personal growth, but to also introduce you to the powerful work that comes from handling the darker side of ourselves."


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