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Joyful January

January 2021

is here. I want to inspire and encourage you to find joy.

It's within us, around us, from us. We must choose to celebrate joyful things, and often for me, it's in the little things. When I take minutes, even moments to breath in joy and ground my self in gratitude, it makes a difference in my day. And every day makes a difference in my life.

Finding joy does not mean that you won't have hard times or struggles. For me, finding joy is choosing to amplify the things that are beautiful, within the mix, within our complex and wonderful bodies and minds. I know first hand, I can feel happy doing something while tears are streaming down my face. I experienced this recently. I was at Silverstar Mountain with my sister, feeling peace and serenity with the winter-wonderland around us. The sun was glistening on the snow and we were walking through snowbanks, talking, laughing together.

Then it hit me, that Ben was not with us this year and tears fell freely. I allow those moments to come into me- whenever they do- feel them and then take a breath and choose. My choice was to focus on the beauty of my surroundings again. (Of course, having my sister there to hug me was an additional bonus in finding joy just then!)

So, what is bringing you joy today?

Cute glasses? Smile at yourself!

Song you like? Sing along!

Sun is shinging? Breathe in, breathe out.

Mirror? Wink at yourself (yes, really)

Let someone ahead of you? Do it.


Finding joy all month with me at Your Life Sparkles. I want to champion this and share my joy all month. I would love to hear your joyful moments too, and if they are mixed with other things going on, I'm here for that too.

Hugs from Kris


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