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Life Coach Certification: Who Are The ICF, IAC, SLA, CCE And Why Do You Need To Know?

The ICF, IAC, SLA, CCE are 3rd party accrediting bodies for the coaching profession in the United States.

These entities award coaching certifications with credentials and all of them require the coach to acquire continuing education to keep their credential current.

ICF - International Coach Federation was founded by Thomas J. Leonard 1995.

ICF emphasizes coach training, mentoring and experience, as well as an online test and demonstration of coaching skill.

IAC - International Association of Coaching was also founded by Thomas J. Leonard in 2003. Thomas sought to streamline the process of certification with the IAC, which emphasizes the results of coach training, mentoring and experience, rather than the documentation of it.

SLA – Strategic Learning Alliance founded by Dr. J. Paul Rand, 2012

The SLA works to research, measure, and establish applied-learning professional certifications. Certifications are awarded based on demonstrated application of knowledge through applied-learning and applied-business acumen.

CCE - Center for Credentialing & Education was created in 1995 as an affiliate of the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). Their credential is similar to SLA’s in that they provide independent third-party verification that a coach has achieved certain coaching competency standards.

Each 3rd Party Accrediting Body has different requirements for earning their unique credential. The more stringent the requirements, the more expensive and the more time, your coaching education will take.

As a professional coach it is good to be aware of what is happening in your industry of coaching by joining an association of coaches.

Why do you need to know this? When deciding where to get your coaching education and certification, you will want to consider all the expenses involved and the amount of time you are willing to spend getting your education.

In addition, you will want to consider the long-term. Since you will be required to earn continuing education credit, you may want to explore how often you need to do that and how many credits are required.

Also, you may want to explore what is included with your education and what is not. For example, with the ICF, you are required to complete 120 hours of training, pay an additional fee for the exam and you must hire and pay an ICF Master Coach for 10 hours in addition to what you pay for your education.

At Wainwright Global, everything is included in your one tuition: Your education, your exam, your hard-copy certificate, your SLA Membership, and your SLA credential.

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Barbara Wainwright, CPC

Certified Master Life Coach and CEO of Wainwright Global, Barbara Wainwright is known as the most sought after teacher in the coaching and self-empowerment industry. She is famous for training and certifying over 6,200 professional coaches worldwide and for creating the "Wainwright Method of Coaching", empowering individuals to actualize their life purpose, live inspired lives and connect with their true passion so they can reach new levels of confidence and inner peace. She provides affordable hands-on coach training using state of the art coaching tools and systems.

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