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Love Cork Screw - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 21

We are proud to issue our Best Ever You Gold Seal of Excellence to Love Cork Screw.

Our well-over the age of 21+ received samples of "Good Times Good Friends" and "We're Movin On Up" and we LOVED.

"This company has a great vibe and great wine. The stand behind their products. They are using social media well, have wine-tasting events and have been clever to maneuver with the social distancing issues the pandemic has presented." - Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Founder/CEO of The Best Ever You Network

About Love Cork Screw

Close your eyes and imagine the color, the swirling of the glass, the intensifying aroma, and the first sip stimulating every single one of your tastebuds. That strong first impression of flavor is what we strive for at Love Cork Screw.

Love Cork Screw is the wine and lifestyle brand you bring to a game night with friends, the brand you introduce to board members at an annual gala, and the brand you experience for the first time at a couples paint & sip event. We know that we are not your traditional wine but because of our deep commitment to providing quality, we are sure to quickly become one of your favorites!

So why the name? The name originated from a blog and radio show Love Cork Screw’s founder, Chrishon Lampley, created. Each section of the blog focused on relatable experiences so when thinking of a brand name, the section titles of LOVE, CORK and SCREW stood out.

Since 2014, we have had many obstacles, but we continue to prove that the presentation of our brand is approachable, and our taste is simply the best! From the bold and bright lights of Times Square to popular television shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love Cork Screw has been all the rage! CNBC’s “The Job Interview”, in Forbes Magazine, People Magazine, Buzzfeed, Wine Enthusiast, Food Network and many more have also featured our brand.

Love Cork Screw is dedicated to providing our consumers with the ultimate experience in our wine, entertainment, other products and services.

Our Products

To create our signature wine selection, we start with carefully selected grapes from various vineyards to give complexity, balance, and intensity of flavors. You can tell by the cool and creative names of each delicious bottle Love Cork Screw is a vibe! Whether you are having a good time with friends or simply over the workday, Love Cork Screw will make it a pleasurable moment.

LCS Entertainment offers three new products:

  • Six types of scented candles available at select Target’s and online, each with a unique name that serves as the perfect complement to have a full LCS Entertainment experience.

  • Love Cork Screw wine scented body butter from Rubbing Rose’ to Body Bordeaux, we have fragrances to compliment your Love Cork Screw experience.

  • Additionally, “Your Guide to Tasteful Manners with Love Cork Screw” is a cookbook filled with food and wine pairings that will impress your mate, your friends, and your family.

*Love Cork Screw wines are Vegan ( we use bentonite to fine the varietals).

Visit: for more information.

About The Best Ever You Awards

The Best Ever You Awards celebrate excellence. Since 2009, we've been issuing our Seal of Excellence to books, people, businesses, brands and products that inspire people to be their best. Visit for more information.


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