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Our Bout with Breakthrough Covid

We missed most of November and we are very thankful none of us ended up in the hospital or worse with Covid. Our family was vaccinated in early 2021, so it didn't dawn on us that breakthrough Covid-19 would strike with a force to be reckoned with. We're also very careful. We limit where we go and what we do since 2020 and we wear masks. So coming down with Covid really took us by surprise.

My husband and I both started feeling sick right around November 1, 2021.

It started with a sniffle and a mild sore throat. Both of us thought it was just a common cold floating around, especially since we are both vaccinated and Peter had received his booster.

On November 3, both of us had high fevers, chills, began coughing and lost our sense of taste and smell. Our symptoms soon became slightly different as he had vertigo here and there and I was incredibly sick to my stomach.

On November 8, we agreed we probably had Covid and should get tested. We googled for a test-site near us that had appointments open and very easily got tested at The Westbrook Fire Department.

We drove there and then went back home to bed.

On November 10, our results came back from our PCR test - POSITIVE.

Two of our four sons live at home with us and they began getting sick as well and tested positive.

Before Thanksgiving and our two other sons came home from college, we all got re-tested and were negative. Here's the thing though: A negative test, doesn't mean you don't have residual effects from having had Covid. I've been short of breath until a few days ago and it is December. The coughing had started to subside as well. We "Lysoled" everything and opened up the windows.

Again, we're thankful for the vaccine and thankful this wasn't worse! Hope to never get it again!!

A bunch of folks asked what we did to regain our health. For us, we mostly rested and were very careful with how we spent our energy, as there wasn't much wiggle room in the energy department. The fatigue with Covid made it nearly impossible for me to even walk up the stairs. Not everyone in my family had that symptom, it seemed isolated to me.

We also took a lot of vitamins, acetaminophen, and drank warm lemon water. We could hardly eat for a bunch of days, so we ate a lot of toast with strawberry jam and bananas.

As we began to emerge from the delirious part of Covid, we also made chicken soup.

As we began to feel even better, we ate our "comfort foods" such as spaghetti and had a steak dinner also.

We watched a lot of TV, things to help us laugh and things to make us think. We also read books and worked as much as we had the energy to do so.

Taking care of the puppies, I think, was one of the blessings in disguise. We have two puppies who are now 6 months old: Harley and Bahama.

Well, Covid or not, they need to be walked and that's just what we did.

As sick as we were, we got up and walked the puppies and hugged them up. They were sweet, knew we didn't feel good and were very aware for puppies. I think the walking and fresh air did us wonders, and has since they arrived, but especially during this bout with Covid.

They also provided a distraction, laughter, and smiles, which are very healing.

It's December 6, 2021 and while the cough lingers in each of us, we are feeling better. We've all regained most of our taste and smell back, however I can't smell certain things, such as oranges or garlic. We're very thankful again, for the vaccines, all of you who checked in on us and brought us food or offered to, our puppies and each other.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to all. Stay well.

Happy Holidays!

Elizabeth, Peter, Connor, Quinn, Cam & Quaid

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is the chief executive officer of Portland-based consulting firm Compliance4 and founder of The Best Ever You Network. Guarino is the author of eight books including an award-winning book, “Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through.” Her latest book, “Change Guidebook – How to Align Your Heart, Truths and Energy to Find Success in All Areas of Your Life,” will be published by Health Communications Inc. in March. Guarino is a member of The Forbes Business Council and a leadership advisor for The Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute.

Elizabeth and her husband live in Maine with their four sons, two dogs, and three rescued cats. Visit her website at


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