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Parenting Through the Four Freedoms of Adolescence

It was my pleasure today to welcome Carl Pickhardt to Best Ever You! We chatted on the radio for about an hour about parenting. I love his new book, Holding on While Letting Go - Parenting Your Child Through the Four Freedoms of Adolescence! I believe it is just the guidebook parents need to instill confidence, mental health and independence in our children, while building a connected and caring relationship with them at all ages. Carl helps us raise our kids into healthy, well-adjusted adults!

Listen to our show:

Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D., is a noted psychologist, speaker, and parenting expert, now retired from private counseling practice. He received his B.A. and M.Ed. from Harvard, and his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of the American and Texas Psychological Associations. He writes a popular parenting advice column for Psychology Today and has written some of the most practical and helpful books about important parenting issues, including: The Connected Father; Stop the Screaming, The Future of Your Only Child and Why Good Kids Act Cruel. A prolific author, he continues to write three distinct kinds of books: illustrated psychology, of coming of age fiction, and of nonfiction parenting advice – Holding on While Letting Go the seventeenth of these parenting books.

Carl Pickhardt will speak about his new book Holding on While Letting Go - Parenting Your Child Through the Four Freedoms of Adolescence gives parents an eye-opening look at what to expect on rocky road of middle school and high school, revealing the Four Freedoms that every child must master to become a healthy adult--and how parents can adapt, encourage, and grow themselves during these tumultuous times. Parenting a teenager is not for the faint of heart. It is during these roller-coaster years that frustrated parents find themselves at their wits' end, barely even recognizing their offspring as they move through the teen years.

For a complete list of his books, see his website:


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