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PERCOLATE & Best Ever You at Your Life Sparkles

I am so excited to share with you that I'm a sponsor of the amazing Your Life Sparkles event! Each person who attends will receive their own copy of PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through and access to a video just for the participants.

Please join us!!


March 14, 2020

Summerhill Winery, Kelowna

You will be inspired, encouraged and entertained!

You spend the day with us, enjoying connections, delicious food, coffee, wine, time for YOU and an incredible presentation from the Your Life Sparkles Sisters.  2020 is all about you ~ what do you need to hear and believe more about yourself? Listen to your own wisdom, laugh with us (one of the sisters is REALLY funny) and enjoy a day just for you. This event is for ALL women seeking community, inspiration, and tools to live their lives.

A keynote speaker, business coach and event planner, Kris is known for her mindset philosophies and meticulous planning.   Kris is an author with Waldorf Publishing and the CEO of Your Life Sparkles.  While living in the United Kingdom (2002-2006), Kris was instrumental in developing IT policies for education councils. She has also been a teacher and consultant in public education in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Kris worked as Executive Consultant for businesses across Canada, problem solving with General Managers and business owners in the areas of team, sales and marketing.  Her experiences in these fields makes Kris an excellent at connecting with clients. She works with individuals & new businesses to create and launch websites and social media platforms.  Kris is a graduate of the University of Alberta (Bachelor of Education), University of Sedona (Bachelor of Metaphysics) and certification from the Palouse Center for Mindfulness. She also holds a Performance diploma from Red Deer College and Gifted Mind Series from Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

Visit Kris' websites:

About Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino/PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through

"I highly recommend this book if you want to live more fully, laugh more heartily, and leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones!" — Noah St. John, best-selling author of The Book of AFFORMATIONS®,

Is there a voice inside of you that’s urging you to make changes and seek a richer, more fulfilling life? Do you feel like you’ve been searching for something more meaningful, even if you don’t know exactly what it is? Have no fear—Percolate will show you how to let your best self filter through and thrive! In this empowering, heartwarming—and often humorous—book, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino will help you wake up to what’s possible, allow your heart and mind to simmer with fresh ideas to achieve your goals and enhance your well-being, and enable your spirit and passion to rise to the top like the foam on your latte. Elizabeth will guide you through the Percolate ProcessTM, a nine-point plan she developed with Dr. Katie Eastman that teaches you how to implement positive changes to excel in every aspect of your life. It’s simple, practical, and fun! Go ahead . . . grab a cup of your favorite joe, put your feet up, and start percolating. Ah, can’t you just taste the inspiring brew as your most powerful thoughts blend together to bring the authentic, best you to the world?

Purchase your copy on Amazon or wherever books are sold.


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