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Principal PSA for Teachers

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

1. Whatever you have set up for families, whatever you are doing right is ok. If you are worried about your students and families and reaching out, you are doing what you can do in this moment.

2. Whatever your colleagues are is ok. Some will seemingly do "less", and some will seemingly do "more". It is ok. The point of education is not to equalize adult worlds, especially right now. Feel good about what YOU are doing.

3. Your messy new teaching world is ok. You may teach with a teething child on your lap. Your dog may throw up and pause a lesson. Your background in your house may be messy. The new normal will be very, very different. It is ok.

4. Your students will certainly NOT give you their best right now. It is ok. They are watching their families in incredible stress and uncertainty. Their main focus might simply be to get through each day. Let them soak in some normalcy and comfort that you will provide.

5. When and if they return this school year, love them and reassure them. Yes, many will seemingly be "behind". Many might seem "not quite ready" for next year. It will be ok. It is not the time to cram 3 months into a few weeks. This is likely to be one of the most traumatic events of their little lives. Just. Love. Them.

This is an opportunity to help each other, support each other, connect with students and families in unique ways, and simply do the best you can for all children. It will be ok.

About Kristin W. Stolte ~Kristin W. Stolte is an elementary principal at Linton Elementary in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is also the NAESP State Representative for Colorado and is on CAESP Board.

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