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The Best Ever You Show - Dr. Rajiv Parti

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The Best Ever You Show welcomed Dr. Rajiv Parti as our guest to discuss his new book "Dying to Wake Up".

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Dr. Parti’s near death experience took place Christmas Day, 2010, two years after surgery that successfully eliminated cancer from his body. A follow up surgery led to an abdominal infection that required several more surgeries, leading Dr. Parti to become addicted to pain pills and anti-depressants. Still the infection got worse.

Rushed 100 miles to UCLA hospital with a 105-degree temperature and an infection that had spread to his blood, Dr. Parti feared this may be his last night on earth. Dr. Parti checked-in to UCLA hospital where his doctor tried to fight the blood infection with powerful antibiotics. Deeply concerned by the infection’s lack of response, surgery was ordered for the next day, a Christmas present that amounted to a lengthy abdominal operation and a near-death experience that changed his life.

Twenty minutes after surgery started, Dr. Parti found himself floating near the ceiling of the operating theatre. With all of his senses intact, Dr. Parti watched as the surgeons cleaned infection from his abdomen. He even heard the anesthesiologist tell a dirty joke that he repeated back to him later. Dr. Parti’s consciousness had left his body.

Humor turned to horror as Dr. Parti went to a pitch dark realm, infused with the smell of burning meat and raucous with the sounds of crying souls. Hell! Dr. Parti had gone to Hell for neglecting the emotional needs of his patients and family. On the brink of Hell, Dr. Parti cried for help, and an unlikely soul appeared, his father.

Dr. Parti’s father appeared, looking younger than when he died 20 years earlier – and wiser.

His father led Dr. Parti away from Hell, through a tunnel and then he disappeared. Alone on the other side, Dr. Parti witnessed two past lives, each of which provided understanding into problems he had now, his addiction and his sense of entitlement. With these revelations behind him, Dr. Parti wanted an opportunity to change his ways.

He moved through another tunnel and was greeted by his guardian angels who imparted divine knowledge. After promising they would always be with him, the angels directed Dr. Parti to a Light Being brighter than a thousand suns. Before the Light Being, Dr. Parti was given a new direction in life, to help people battle the diseases of the soul – the same ones he had himself!

Dr. Parti was transformed by the light. He resigned his job as chief anesthesiologist and began practicing for his new purpose in life. “I had felt the power of the source, my own heart calling me. The divine Light Being’s instructions were very vivid in my mind. I needed to follow my Dharma and help people with diseases of the soul.


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