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The New Conscious Status of Beauty

By: Demee Koch

“You are beautiful, inside and out.”

– Words that express love and appreciation for someone special.

Being referred to as beautiful can make us feel respected and loved – something we all long for as human beings. The word beautiful encompasses not only the physical beauty, but also our personality. Expressed in a well-rounded compliment we feel appreciated for who we really are, and this is something worth striving for.

Beauty is a form of expression, and something to ignite joy to our lives. Beauty nowadays however is often misused, and then demonized.

Beauty is a part of humanity. Humans aim for health, abundance and love. There is beauty in all of these things. We want to enjoy life’s pleasures fully. And we want to express our beauty.

Still, if you scroll through social media, you could easily think a lot of people’s goal is to be seen as perfect, in a superficial way. A whole generation takes their efforts right to this massive – I want to call it misconception -, with shortcomings that bring drastic problems on the psychological impact of beauty. The target is reduced to the desire of achieving illusionary “physical perfections”; uniformed looks implemented through excessively filtered, edited images.

The one who profits is the beauty industry, at a worth of $532 billion. It includes every product and service dedicated to helping us look and smell the way we want, and that’s great. But it’s become a problem when it dictates us on how we should perceive beauty. The big players who are mainly financially motivated have an easy game in a world where overdone and uniformed in aesthetic advancements has become admirable.

We need to reflect.

I am an expert in beauty products, and had to learn the hard way that premium brands you’d think you can trust would hold back ingredients, volume of product or even product purpose to sell more, to give you just one example.

The new beauty

I am proud to be able to say that I’m a founder in the beauty industry who is part of a wave of new, conscious brands. We value high quality ingredients and deliver ethically made artisanal products that are multi-functional and deliver the best results. I am not only hands-on involved in our sustainable production process, but also with our charity projects, such as in women empowerment.

Let’s not forget that each individual has purchasing power. With this power, you can decide. But first, we must start to look a bit closer. Who is behind this company, what are their ethics? I strongly think that nowadays it should it be a given that products should be cruelty-free, fair-trade and result-oriented. If that’s the case, great, that’s a first step. Which values does the company stand for, what do they give back to society and communities from the beautiful dollars they make?

In my case, I dedicate my professional life to creating products that naturally support your assets, such as your eyes, skin and hair, and support your lifestyle naturally, at an ease and without any horrendous upkeep. I find my purpose in what is best for my individual clients. I care about the small details, the process within in the best way I can.

I believe purpose should be the new status in beauty brands.

The good news: We all can achieve this. By being mindful and conscious. So let’s re-evaluate our beauty practices. Let me hear your thoughts and opinion!

About Demee Koch

Demee Koch is a serial entrepreneur with a solid experience of 21 years in the health and beauty industry. With DE MOI BY DEMEE KOCH, she launched a Switzerland-based, purpose-driven business for cosmeceutical products. The social and ecologically friendly beauty brand develops high quality and results driven cosmetic products with active ingredients, made with principles of honesty and fairness. Demee is an advocate for inclusivity and women empowerment, and is hands-on involved in charity works. Next to timely events based charities, she supports the Lumad tribe in her home country the Philippines with their scholarship program for education and level up needs, as well as local

female business entrepreneurship programs.

The development of honest and cruelty-free products is a given for Demee, who established her love for animals by conceptualizing a new approach towards preventive pet health care for the chain of small animal clinics Vet Station AG. Prior to moving to Switzerland, where the mum of two runs personal grooming concepts to support women’s beauty from all walks of life, she started her career in the beauty & luxury industry in Dubai. International networking and a strong sensitivity for trends are a natural part of Demee’s personality.

Since 2005, Demee shares her knowledge as a business consultant, and became a trusted business advisor and director to successful global brands run by social entrepreneurs in fields of fintech, biotech, sports, fashion and beauty.

Amongst others she is on the Board of Advisors for the no 1 boxing equipment SPARBAR. In 2019, Demee received the award as GLOBAL FWN100 2019 MOST INFLUENTIAL FILIPINA IN THE WORLD at the 16th Global Filipina Leadership Summit in Place Vendôme in Paris. She currently serves as a director of China ACE Organization, an organization of international companies and investors.

Demee received her bachelor's degree in Business Management at the University of the Philippines, and her MBA in International Marketing from the Swiss Business School in Zurich.

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