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The Power of Forgiving Others

When someone does you wrong, one of the easiest things to do is hold a grudge. As a matter of fact, it’s the natural thing to do. It’s human nature to be upset. However, one of the unhealthiest things you can do is begin to harbor unforgiveness in your heart. Life is too short for that. Life is too short to live unhappy because of a person or event.

Holding on to the pain of what someone said about you or did to you is actually bad for your health. Your immune system literally gets weaker when you don’t forgive. You may experience tension in your neck and shoulders, and you may even feel pain in your bones. You can also start to lose hair due to stress.

You can’t have a magical day if you’re holding on to the hurts of yesterday. You can’t be truly happy if you have bitterness towards another person. There’s so much power in letting go. There’s so much pain involved in holding on.

I hear you saying, “Wendell, they never apologized to me!”

Sometimes you have to be strong enough to forgive without receiving an apology. Let go, even though you never got the ‘I’m sorry’ you were hoping for. It will be so liberating and freeing.

You have to be bigger than what happened to you. It’s your birthright to be free, so stop giving that right over to someone else. When the thought of what someone did to you in the past triggers you, then you’ve given that person or situation all the power. You need to take your passion, power, and joy back. It all starts with letting go.

I believe that anxiety is at an all-time high in our society these days. So many people are not living in peace. Part of it is because of not being able to let go of the past.

You have to sow a seed of forgiveness so that you can receive a harvest of peace. You have to let go of yesterday’s hurts so you can experience the magic of today and abundance in your future.

Don’t carry yesterday’s baggage into the gift of today. That co-worker that got on your nerves yesterday, that argument you got into with your spouse last night, or that negative comment you received on social media; Let it go. Dwelling on these things drain your energy. They rob you of your joy and creativity.

You won’t have the strength to fight today’s battles when you’re still battling with the events of yesterday.

Whenever you’re feeling triggered by a negative event that happened or by what someone did to you, here’s my recommendation – and I know this isn’t easy, especially when the person hurt you. However, try to send love and good vibes their way. Wish them well. When you give love, you receive love. When you give out feelings of anger and bitterness, you will experience events today that will cause you to continue feeling anger and bitterness.

Our vibrations and emotions are boomerangs and echoes. Whatever you give out comes right back to you.

There are so many benefits to practicing forgiveness. Forgiving will lead to healthier relationships. Your heart health will improve. You may notice lower blood pressure. Anxiety, stress, and hostility will dissipate. Both your mental health and immune system will improve.

Any symptoms of depression will also die down when you forgive.

Keep the people close to you who inspire you and bring out the best in you, not those who drain your energy. We all need people cheering us on. We need people who celebrate us and genuinely wish us well, even if it means that we do better than them or have more success than them. These are the people you need to stay close to.


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