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The Trap of Getting Back to Normal

My recent journey through breast cancer healing with alternative protocols (no chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation), resulted in many things in my life being completely turned on their heads in February of 2017. My life took on new rhythms and new routines. I came home after a month of alternative treatment both in Mexico and the follow-up care in California with a completely different mindset and a protocol to match. I was told I would need to follow this protocol for at least a year AFTER I was given my clean bill of health, which happened in early October 2017. A quick calculation will tell you that I’m still two months away from that goal post. As this time approaches, I find myself wondering what it will be like to get back to normal. Stop the presses. Hit pause on the remote control. Hold the phone. When I think twice about that statement, I realize that it was “normal” that handed me a cancer diagnosis. Let’s read that again: “It was ‘normal’ that handed me a cancer diagnosis.” What do I mean by that? It was my “normal” routine of letting stress be the dominant force of every day, traveling too much, sleeping too little, skipping my workouts day after day, and not staying hydrated <— all things that suppress immune function, create acidosis in the body, and give cancer a chance to gain a toe hold, then a foot hold, and then manifest a tiny tumor in my breast. I will never go back to “normal.” I have a new pattern now. A new frequency at which to live my new life. I feel like I am vibrating at a higher level. And I am. Cancer literally exists at a low frequency. My body is tuned up to a higher frequency now with all the care I am taking of this amazing system I have the privilege to inhabit on this amazing planet. All is well, and there is NO going back to normal. What got me there, won’t serve me here.

About Beth Misner

All of her life Elisabeth Misner has found creative ways to incorporate service to others into all her activities. From being a chiropractic assistant to managing special projects for her company – BNI, and leading the prayer ministry at her church, her one question has always been, “How can I help you?” She truly wants to know what she can do that will make things better for those whom she supports, mentors, and encourages. When her husband, BNI Founder and CVO, Ivan Misner, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012, she found that her education, experiences, and professional expertise as a medical Qigong practitioner were all needed in order to help him heal naturally. Within the year, he was in complete remission. Not long after that, she received her own diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, from which she also completely healed, naturally, within the year of diagnosis (2017). Life herself has schooled Beth in the ways of Abundant Health, and her focus now is supporting with others as they find they have need of this specific skill set.


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