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Whole Body Healing - Gold Seal of Excellence - Books

Updated: 3 hours ago

We are proud to issue the book Whole Body Healing our Elizabeth's Best Award for Excellence.

We are proud to issue our Gold Seal of Excellence to Whole Body Healing by author Emily A. Francis.

Learn how to take an active role in your own healing process and discover a wide range of treatment modalities to help you achieve physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual wellness. Within these pages, you will find dozens of hands-on practices for working with your body as an integrated whole and for incorporating chakras, emotions, spiritual energies, and much more.

Join author Emily A. Francis as she shares the critical information and solutions you need to heal the ailments and illnesses that may be holding you back. This book explores traditional and modern healing techniques such as breath-work, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, flower remedies, essential oils, naturopathy, EMDR, EFT, and many more that go beyond the physical to help you find and forge your own path to living your best life.

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About the author:

Emily is the host of the weekly radio show on Healthy Life Radio titled All About Healing (

Emily graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage (2004) in Clinical and Neuromuscular Therapy. She is specialized through the Dr. Vodder School in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy MLD/CDT (2005). She has also been certified in Kinesiotape Training, Advanced TMJ training, yoga teacher training 300 hours in the Sivananda Style of Yoga under Universal Yoga. She has completed the Upledger Cranio Sacral Therapy 1 & 2 and is a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist. Emily is a Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki Master.

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