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You Are Already a Winner

Recently I find myself thinking about time and how we spend our energy. The time we spend looking back. And our energy generally is, I should have done this, could have done that. And the time we spend looking forward. For many of us, the energy there is, holy crap what if this happens tomorrow, or I’m afraid to try this or say that.

And in reality, we lose focus on what is happening right now. We develop a tendency to lack presence, and we definitely lose sight of that fact that we are already winners.

There are many statistics quoted, and while the science may be imperfect. The reality is the odds are about 1 in  a million for what would become you to have even reached the egg. And then there are the additional odds of actually being the lucky one to fertilize the egg.

But look at that, out of approximately 300 million sperm. You are the one. You won the race and are gifted with this incredible opportunity to live life.

I definitely fell into the camp of people who spent most of their free thought looking back with hesitance or regret. And looking forward with fear or worry. Somewhere along the lines we learn the behavior that we need to carry sorrow for things that happened yesterday. And to scratch, claw and fight for everything for tomorrow. The mindset shift to being in the moment, knowing we’ve already won can be monumental.

Dont get me wrong. I am a believer in learning from the past and our behaviors. I am learning more each day about things that ‘push my buttons’. And working on not reacting to the minutiae.

I am completely aligned with the mindset around the importance of goals. I believe that the Universe conspires for us. And that our thoughts, beliefs and what we visualize helps drive what we become and receive in the future.

So, how do we balance appreciating the path we have taken. Seeing the path that we are on and the amazing things to come. Without losing sight of and appreciating each moment gifted to us, and ‘spending’ our winnings! 

Here are a few strategies that help me, and I continue to work on daily.

Gratitude. I spend some time each morning in gratitude for the new day. And the day and experiences that lie ahead. I then spend some time each evening reflecting on the day. Thankful for experiences and interactions I was able to share. I look at situations that I may have perceived as challenging. Say a thank you for those learning experiences, and forgive myself for moments where I may not have been my best self.

Meditation. I try to take at least 10 minutes daily in meditation. Sometimes these are guided meditations using the Calm app. And other times it’s just time lying or sitting focused on my breath and quieting my mind. I love my time meditating, but it can be a struggle for me at times. I have developed a pretty active mind and it doesn’t always quiet easily. This can be frustrating. And if this is something you experience, I encourage you to release the frustration and not give up meditating. Be grateful for your active mind, it makes you, you.

Visualization. As the last thing before sleep, I shift into a focus on visualizing and daydreaming. I think about executing against my goals. If I have a meeting the next day, I’ll think about the purpose for the meeting and the outcome I desire and expect. I’ll imagine myself in my future state of abundance and giving. And usually throw in a big dream, seeing myself doing something that’s a culmination of reaching my goals. Sending friends and family the link to my almost finished/published book on Amazon is a big one for me recently. 

Presence. As I have moved into allocating time daily for reflecting and daydreaming, I then try to spend the rest of the day being present in the moment. When my youngest wakes up and is getting ready for school, I am enjoying the time, conversation and play with her as we begin our day. If I start to think about that email, that post, or phone call I need to make later that morning, I thank the universe for that thought and reminder, and shift back into enjoying each little moment with her. And really, these moments are the spoils, the true value of our winnings being gifted with life. Each and every interaction with loved ones, strangers and those whose paths we cross. Enjoy your winnings and spend them wisely. 

And in the end, don’t dwell on perfection.  Each of these is a work in progress for me. As I mentioned earlier, I have a super active mind. Spending time in the present moment, ‘enjoying my winnings’, can be challenging. My mind likes to shift to the conversation from yesterday, last week, and yes even 20 years ago. Or it likes to move into tomorrow, next week or even next year. But I work on pausing in those moments. I give thanks for those thoughts when they creep in, knowing it’s what makes me who I am. And turn back into the present, and enjoying every little bit of the gifted moment that I can.

Sending love, light and laughter! ❤️ 🙏


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