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Barbara Wainwright, the CEO and Founder of Wainwright Global, Inc., has dedicated her life to helping others. Barbara’s life experiences have led her on a path of self-discovery and higher learning in her personal quest to make the world a better place for her family, her friends and her clients. Barbara believes that every person has a life purpose. And, that once a person discovers their purpose and begins taking steps towards actualizing that purpose, that a new level of confidence is realized, many different forms of abundance appear, bringing inner-peace and joy-filled days.

Barbara is responsible for training over 6,000 professional coaches since 2006 and has established credibility in the marketplace through acquiring 3rd party accreditation at the graduate university level. As a key component of a graduate business program, the professional life coach course is accredited by the AASCB. Wainwright Global’s training is further accredited by Strategic Learning Alliance, an applied-learning credentialing organization who confers the CPC® credential.

Barbara Wainwright,

CEO Wainwright Global, Inc. International Speaker, Author, Trainer 800-711-4346 Free Downloads 10 Essential Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Start Your Coaching Career 52 Life Coaching Niches Working Miracles Every Day Books on Amazon: The Power of Life Coaching Volume 2: Manifesting Transformation in Financial, Professional, Emotional, Spiritual, Wellness and Relationship Aspects The Power of Coaching: Manifesting Transformation in the World

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Barbara Wainwright, CPC

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