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Bella Lucia has been a writer since age twelve and poet since age eighteen. She happens to have facial difference involving restored, severe bilateral cleft lip and palate. She is a retired master’s prepared advanced practice registered nurse/nurse practitioner with a long career in the healthcare industry. Her story is one of triumph and hope over her congenital birth defect, creating strength and courage along her journey. She never let bullying or maltreatment get in her way as she endeavored to achieve her personal and professional dreams. Lucia’s ambition is to inspire and empower others with facial difference, their families, friends and acquaintances while celebrating her imperfect beauty.

In addition, her memoir called Lucia's Story: My Imperfect Beauty is written for those struggling with any type of facial difference, those individuals without facial difference and those with other differences.

She lives with her husband and her Boston Terrier dog in Kansas.🦋

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