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Dr J Paul Rand, MBA, CPCN is a leading pioneer of "dynamic success psychology." Spearheading research of transformational change through his psycho-educational method, Inspira, at - a private research and therapy park in Seattle, Wa. Dr Rand has been interviewed by Huffington Post networks, NBC, CBS, Forbes and awarded by the Dept of Defense and Veteran's Affairs for outcomes experienced by his participants. He presented live on 5th Ave at Forbes Speakers this year.

The-Orchard is now open to the public and not just members of the special forces, military leadership, and at-risk populations. It is a unique place - the only grove of Rowan Berry in the US grows on site. This tree, more commonly known as The Tree of Life in multiple cultures is near extinct, but through his Research Solutions (RSolutions) work, Dr Rand has launched a variety of products in an effort to save this build-able piece of land in one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. Learn about the Rowanberry vodka, soap, and pens (made by Prince Henry's and the Pope's pen maker) at

Rand has not only been effective as a performance psychologist. He is the author of:

The-Orchard (June 2020 publication)

DadJob: the fastest growing job in America

City of Companies: the rise of the learning economy

Culture-ROI (Dec 2020 publication)

Leadership is a Culture

Rand has consulted, advised, taught/trained over 1200 personnel departments in the City of Companies (Seattle, Wa). He worked as an consultant with leading Seattle-based global organization executives from Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, Gates Foundation and more. As an industrial psychologist he was awarded for 10 years running by the Society of HR Management; has been featured as a leading SME in human capital performance by Welp Magazine, HR Magazine, and is a regular Business Journal Leadership Trust writer:

In service to the country, Dr J Paul Rand serves in a non-partisan role as a Regional White House Fellow. He intends to seek an opportunity to serve the nation in the White House in 2020-2021.

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