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Nancy Mramor Ph.D. is a licensed clinical, media and health psychologist, specializing in radio, TV, technology and print as they impact you and your health. She has been featured on over 400 television, print and radio placements including CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, Fox, MSN, The Washington Post, USA Today, Mens Health, Womens Health, MTV, Web MD, Dow Jones Moneyish, Chicago Tribune Review, Today, NY Post, Bravo and many more. As a media resource and psychologist, Dr. Nancy has been asked to comment on issues such as the 2020 election, effects of social media, fandom, trauma from news viewing, why we love the shows we love (This is Us, Breaking Bad, Hallmark movies) and more.

All of Nancy’s programs focus on Real Conscious Living. RCL (Real Conscious Living) …

Is the capacity for thought and action from constantly refreshing awareness of personal and global truth. Through RCL workshops, publications, individual therapy and media interviews you will learn that RCL is Real, not illusory or based on another’s ideas or influence of media, and is true to the more permanent and authentic aspects of the self. It is Conscious in that you are awake and noticing everything in your life, independent of false stories and living in the moment. Such awareness inspires interest, vigor and unlimited opportunity for continued action that is in harmony with the real you. It is a vital way of Living, both internally and actively that promotes full self-acceptance, ongoing growth, observations and reactions of clarity and spiritual experience.

Media Interviews, workshops and private sessions are about living consciously, in the core authentic you that arises as the producer of your life. The result is that you emerge from much of what you may have been told is true, creating the life you are meant to live. As you increase your capacity to tune in to your authentic self, you notice whether you have been pursuing life unaffected by the past or concerned with the future, in a place of full empowerment to create. Your RCL is one you are meant to live, that changes with time but is always grounded in your true self. It does not usually contain someone else’ idea of who you should be, the latest craze, miracle supplement, trend, style, product or popular idea and it is yours for the keeping! Spoiler Alert: It may be different from the one you have been living!

She is an award winning author, speaker, writer and media expert who uses cutting edge therapies with a mind, body, and spirit focus in her private practice in Pittsburgh, PA.

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