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As far back as G. C. De Pietro can recall creativity has been her healer, her solace, her friend, and joy. Born prematurely and later diagnosed with a life-threatening childhood disease, De Pietro spent much of her early youth in hospitals. After surviving several near death experiences she knew she would commit her life to helping others. She attended New York’s School of Visual Arts, and afterwards worked professionally as a textile designer in New York City.

Wanting to pursue her own artistic talents, De Pietro moved to Paris to realize her dream of further studying art and painting. In Paris, she studied at The Louvre with Art Historian Madame Augarde, steeping herself in art history and architecture. At the Paris American Academy, she studied painting with Monsieur Arnaud D'Hauterives. She was invited to exhibit with several salons while in Paris and won an award at the Grand Palais for her large canvas, "Moving On” with the Salon Des Artistes Francais. She returned to New York and continued to show her paintings in galleries and juried competitions.

De Pietro returned to school 2000 to get her master’s degree in Art Therapy. De Pietro felt that there was too much unresolved trauma in the world, and she wanted to give back, she realized the best way to do that was through the creative process. Thus, she wrote a book about her involvement with these children called Abandoned which tells the story of boys forgotten and how the art therapy process helped them heal.

Looking for answers as to why this sort of thing had to happen to so many young unsuspecting children, she began to investigate karmic patterns. That is when she was introduced to Roger Woolger, Ph.D, a graduate of Oxford University and a Jungian analyst. It was while studying with Dr. Woolger that Ms. DePietro understood how the wheel of karma teaches us the lessons we need to learn in the here and now. After studying for 5 years with Dr. Woolger, Ms. De Pietro became a certified Past Life Regression Specialist. She now combines Art Therapy with Past Life Regression Therapy to make a unique contribution to the transpersonal psycho-therapeutic community. She has a new book called A Soul’s Journey which is the story of traveling through time to find the truth.

First Name
Gloria DePietro