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Jen Beck is a Speaker, Registered Nutrition Consultant, and Certified LIIFT practitioner believes the key to effortless weight loss and optimal health are eating in a way that is congruent with your body’s specific needs. Bio-individual Nutrition allows you to transform your health and create lifelong change through implementing micro changes. Jen is the founder of Complete Health Revolution and the creator of the programs, 7-Day Sugar Reset, Simple Wellness for Life and 28 Days to a New You.

She has provided nutrition and lifestyle guidance to thousands of women (and several brave men) who were suffering needlessly from chronic stress-related health problems, excess fat and poor energy levels. Jen is known throughout the North America for her system of holistic programs, workshops and keynotes, along with her individual guidance helping people to create the LASTING results they desire.

As a result of witnessing her mom’s rapid decline in health from MS, Jen went on a mission to teach others how to make lifestyle changes which rapidly transform one’s health, one Baby Step at a time. Her system is founded on the principles of bio-individuality, eating whole foods, and getting to the root cause of the issues, so they can be resolved, not treated.

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Jen Beck, RNC
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