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Dr. Maxine Wright-Walters is a mother, nature lover, author and scientist who loves people. She is also a certified behavioral coach, public speaker and consultant who focuses on teaching and helping people to live their own best lives.

Arriving in her forties, Dr. Wright-Walters embarked upon a best life journey. It was while on this quest she discovered The Alphabet Circle Journey™.

The multi-talented Dr. Wright-Walters is a member of the Squirrel Hill Writer’s group, and the owner and director of a consulting firm, specializing in Environmental & Public Health Consulting, Environmental Data Validation.

Dr. Wright-Walters is from a large family. She is 8th  out of 9 children born to Eric and Ina in a small town on the beautiful Island of Jamaica. Her dad was a farmer and encouraged and empowered her to; believe in herself, and that the sky was the limit. Her love of nature, the outdoors, and gardening comes from her experiences on the farm with her Papa.

Upon meeting Dr. Wright-Walters you  will find that  she is very bubbly, positive (a quality she believes she got from her mother) and upbeat, always encouraging everyone who comes in contact with her.

She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her two sons and is an avid Steelers fan.

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