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The travel bug has always had a good hold on Pam Ivey, but in the last year, it really sunk its teeth in and bit HARD. In 2017 and 2018, she traveled, worked and lived in Argentina, South Africa, Singapore and Vietnam with a community of young “digital nomads,” and that really opened her eyes to the amazing possibilities of not being tied down to one place. In other words, she’s location independent and able to indulge that travel bug anytime she wants, while still running her multiple businesses.

Though her experiences in Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Singapore and Da Nang were ah-ma-zing, there was one hitch: at 50 and 51, she was decades older than most of the participants…and that can make a gal feel a bit self-conscious. But the experience gave her this bright idea to create a similar experience with an amazing community of 40+ year-olds, people who want to see the world, with an instant community, and still stay productive and earning an income.

Pam approached her friend Linda, who she’s long admired and who she knew has a ton of experience traveling and working in locations all over the planet, to create Adventurous Life together. And now, they’re both creating unforgettable productive travel adventures for other online entrepreneurs!

Upcoming trips:

Prague, Czech Republic - September 1 to 28, 2019

Sydney, Australia - November 16 to December 14, 2019

Adventurous Life Thanksgiving in Bali

Adventurous Life gang in Rome

Adventurous Life Barcelona

Adventurous Life Lisbon

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