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Rachael Robertson graduated with an MBA from the Melbourne Business School at the University of Melbourne, Australia. In 2005, Robertson was chosen to lead the expedition to Davis Station, Antarctica. The second woman and one of the youngest leaders ever chosen to lead the expedition, Robertson was presented with the opportunity to test-run her leadership ideas. In such an intense work environment, Robertson worked tirelessly to develop a work culture that would allow her teammates to speak up, speak out, raise issues, deal with them, and move on. After her expedition, Robertson shared her leadership tools widely, and to date has spoken at over 1,500 national and international conferences and events with clients from all industries including mining, pharmaceutical, construction, health, education, finance, hospitality and retail. Robertson has authored two best-selling books, Leading on the Edge: Extraordinary Stories and Leadership Insights from the World’s Most Extreme Workplace and Respect Trumps Harmony: Why Being Liked is Overrated and Constructive Conflict Gets Results.

Rachael Robertson